Instructions for Contributors

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You want to write for COACH Live! ?

COACH Live! posts elucidate the contexts, principles, and mechanisms of an institutional  and/or individual solution. The solution is critically important. Feel free to apply your own structure and outline. You may write in the area of FAITH, FAMILY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, EDUCATION, or HEALTH.

CONTEXTS describes the problem, its impact, and its history leading toward the formulation of a central question.  Presentation of context has the primary role of providing a clear sense of the interrelatedness of individuals. That is, if this problem is allowed to continue unquestioned, what collective detriment will be experienced?

  • Problem
  • Impact of the Problem
  • History of the Problem
  • Question of Collective Detriment

PRINCIPLES describes the ideals that guide a solution along with the indicators of problem resolution. Presentation of principles provides a clear choice among options. Each of the 5 areas of institutional interest has a guiding principle that will be contradicted or reinforced by each post.  These guiding principles include:

  • Faith: Belief is not magic. Choose to risk.
  • Health: Medicine cannot fix what is willfully destroyed. Choose healthy habits.
  • Family: Partnership is a choice to collaborate. Choose to collaborate.
  • Education: Creativity is the primary goal of education. Choose “creative” over “smart.”
  • Entrepreneurship: Social capital begins with the individual will to participate. Choose to participate.

MECHANISMS outlines the process (beginning, middle, and end) of the solution along with explanations that support the long-term sustainability of the solution. Presentation of mechanisms identifies what individuals can do, but also provides a clear path for the collective agency complete with a roadmap for institutional change.

  • Process of the Solution
  • Long-Term Sustainability
  • Individual Supportive Tasks
  • Institutional Supportive Tasks

Typical posts are 250 words or less. Longer posts are acceptable, but may be broken up for serial posting. If you are interested in contributing a post, email the finished product to Michael A. Wright with a list of keywords, 1 of 5 topic areas, your 50 word biography, email address, and statement of release. “Statement of release” is a written statement that MAWMedia Group has expressed permission to edit, revise, post, and archive your submission.