About COACHMethod.com

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COACHMethodCOM_smThe site functions as the “Self-Help” component of the COACH Method Interventions. Read and discuss the topics that are important to your well-being. Register for new training sneak peaks, weekly motivationals, launch trailers, and discounts. This electronic magazine will bring you inspiration in 6 areas motivating and informing your success.

  • FAMILY VALUE provides tools and techniques for MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS, raising children, and communicating a productivity focus creating a family unity that increases the potential for larger community success. Partnership is a choice to collaborate. Choose to collaborate.
  • FAITH WORKS discusses the use of faith as credibility for the composition of a future that is not bound by the experiences or predictions of the past. Belief is not magic. Choose to risk.
  • HEALTH, WEALTH & WISDOM explores  the impact of environment, stress, nutrition, beauty,  and perceptions of self on physical and mental health and holistic well-being. Medicine cannot fix what is willfully destroyed. Choose healthy habits.
    • MINDSET outlines the means and will required to overcome life’s challenges with a focus on integrity, sustainability, and influencing the well-being of others through authenticity. Your first inclination is to heal yourself. Get past that, and seek help.
    • FINANCES suggests the habits, perspective, and discipline that will support financial literacy, revenue generation, and wealth creation. Financial success is a function of mindset, not the amount of money.
    • LEARNING & EDUCATION offers insights into the process and mechanics of teaching, learning, and self-development integrating a new culture of creativity as an institutional innovation. Creativity is the primary goal of education. Choose “creative” over “smart.”