What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Scheduling 3 of 3

What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Scheduling 3 of 3

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Goals Not Appointments

Getting up just before an appointment is an unsustainable habit. Plan you day around goals, not appointments. I knew a person who schedule her day around 3 habits that fed off one another. She would stay up late believing this was her only option for getting things done. Two o’clock in the morning would find her writing or reading. She would rush to appointments having only given herself time to wake, dress, and makeup in the morning. She would eat fast food as a convenience that fit her rushed routine.

Examining her mindset and habits, it occurred to us that she and I had a fundamental difference in how we perceived appointments. For example, she saw work (her job) as a chore to be given only the minimal effort. Therefore, she would give it minimal effort in preparation. More importantly, that least approach impacted the day. She thought to get all the sleep she could before going to work. Leaving work was freedom to do what she wanted until she had to go back.

I saw work as a necessary interruption in my lifestyle. Effort fit the task at hand, but it had no impact on my preparation outside work. Rather than schedule my sleep around work, I scheduled around the lifestyle I wanted. I rose early to bike ride and have breakfast. Leaving work was opportunity to reflect on increasing efficiency for the next day.

The shift is from the appointment to the goals you have for your lifestyle. Be the person you intend to be and fit the appointments in where they make sense. Move toward freedom and meditate on the achievement.

Daily Goal Setting

You have long term goals that you are pursuing. You have short term goals as well. What about your daily goals? Consider that at least 3 are critical. Take time to produce. Use time to engage. Make time to reflect.

Take. The are Post alert around the mid morning. This is a perfect time to get your most important productivity completed. These are the tasks that are on-going and relate to larger projects. At mid morning just after your workout and breakfast will yield perfect conditions for thoughts as well as actions.

Use. Schedule your appointments for the early afternoon. The balance, coordination, and blood flow of this period lends itself to engagement. You will find that you are agile and motivated to problem solve and contribute.

Make. As the day begins to wind down, take out pad and pen to record your reflections. They may be ideas for novel projects, processes to improve, or simple musings. Treat your brain and body to a period of cool down and meditation.

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