The Opportunities of the Producer Mindset

The Opportunities of the Producer Mindset

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The opportunities exist for you to be a producer. The Small Business Administration SBA offices exist in many metropolitan communities around the country. Connections exist with many Community College campuses. Some communities even have procurement technical assistance centers that help you get government contracts. The list goes on with a wide range of services offered free of charge. These services include business plan support and business registration consulting.

The challenge with the system is that the system is not always going to tell you what is possible, the complexity, and the way to navigate that complexity. For example, how did the VP of NBC get to get that job? That wasn’t advertised anywhere. How did the deep-sea diver assistant to the Stanford professor who goes out on the boat and does photography underwater how do you get that job? There is a process to how they got that job, but a consumer mindset says that they worked hard to get there. When you ask people how they got jobs, they tell you how hard they worked.

The truth is that they knew somebody, and somebody knew them.  What lies beyond that simplification was their decision made at some point. They decided that they would give themselves in attention and commitment to a singular passion. No matter what other people were doing or what they had to say about a situation or what they brought to the table or what their resistance was, the commitment was firm.

They spoke to themselves with certainty. “They will never see me sweat. I’m going to do this thing.” After that question was put to rest. They excelled.

It’s a similar patter for you. Make the singular commitment. Envision that thing that you want. Once that is established, determine how you will monetize it. It’s that simple. It’s literally that simple. It’s complex to work through the system of monetizing your idea, but most people have more of a problem identifying what they want to do.