What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Management 5 of 5

What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Management 5 of 5

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Take time to re-create. Examine the word “recreation” closely. At the basic level of comprehension, accept that anything created benefits from care and attention to its upkeep. At the advanced level of comprehension, realize the power and opportunity that extend from an intentional becoming. As you practice self-awareness and awareness of universal laws, you learn how to balance your moods and motivation with your environment and pressures. Stated simply: You need fuel. You need fun. You need a good measure of faith.


Fuel comes in the forms you would expect. You need to eat and rest. It also comes in forms that you may not expect. You need sunlight, water, and fresh air. Get outside for a walk. Carry a water bottle with you to class. Read your assignments in the park. Don’t forget to the fuel available in positive and supportive relationships. Call your mom and dad. Strike up a conversation with a friend. Refuel.


Fun, I find, is specific to the person. One woman’s Pokémon go translates to another man’s Jenga. Some people like to play Spades while others enjoy Uno. No matter the choice, make sure it is enjoyable. This is the critical concern. Not fun for them, not good for the team, enjoyable for you is the point. You may also find that portions of your assignments are fun and others are chores. Do as much of the fun parts as you can first. Use your overcoming-procrastination techniques to get through the chores.


Faith comes by hearing. Hear this now. You can do this! My solution is non-conventional. It is to intentionally “waste” time. It’s not really a waste because the call is for you to enjoy your time intentionally while scheduling productive time as well. Give yourself explicit permission to goof off and enjoy yourself.

You will most likely work every day. Spend 3 or 4 hours of each 24 enjoying tasty food, loving family, fun watching, or stimulating gaming. Take an hour before bed to do something productive. You will find that you are more energized to work on the product after your down time has energized you.