What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Management 2 of 5

What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Management 2 of 5

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A Matter of Time

Time management is a common need. The advance here is to consider that time is what you make it, not a tyrant to be appeased. This one shift makes all the difference. You make time through a simple act each morning. The first act of waking and getting out of bed creates time.

Consider the correction you would make if you awoke in the morning, showered, dressed, and went outside to catch the bus only to see it driving off as you reached the bus stop. You would introduce some way to account for the fact that you missed the bus. That’s the fabrication of time. You just missed the bus. You may consider that waking two minutes earlier would make the difference between missing the bus and catching the bus.

What I want you to know is that you have more options at your disposal due to your ability to manipulate the construct. Simply, you could shave time by increasing your efficiency with the tasks that you perform between waking and attempting to catch the bus. Slash one minute off your shower time. Shave 2 minutes from your dressing routine.

As an advanced thought consider how preparedness can move you from efficiency to programmed effectiveness. Dressing involves several routines that you can build additional efficiency into. Having clothes pressed. Simplifying your wardrobe. Organizing your sock drawer. Many actions exist for programming your day to increase efficiency.

This is just an example of showering and dressing to catch the bus. What other tasks do you include in your day that could benefit from this conception of time? Reclaiming and creating time is not the only benefit. The streamlined efficacy you experience can also be a physical form of a mental decluttering that improves the efficacy of your mental operations as well.

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