What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Management 1 of 5

What I Wish I Knew in College: Time Management 1 of 5

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Managing Time is awareness and respect of your capability expressed in the following:

  • Time is what you make it, not a tyrant to be appeased.
  • Procrastination is a fancy way of describing your inability to work through a mental block.
  • Enjoy your time intentionally while scheduling productive time as well.

The Opening

I’ve never considered myself a great student. It is a true statement. I was much more interested in the knowledge and the mechanisms than I was the form and rigors of school. I value much of it to some extent as an adult, but still find that academics and teachers often lose the purpose of education in the form of schooling.

Nothing reveals poor students more or uncovers the truth like college. At least it used to (see article on the Death of Education: Pandering to Entitlement and Other Participation Trophies). There’s something about having the freedom to make your own schedule that betrays your lack of time management. Everyone is afflicted with this problem, but there are many of us who face the challenge and win.

For the worst cases, the problem isn’t recognized as a problem. Some people go through life living an existence outside the prompting of time. Tasks are not planned or scheduled, or priorities are left until the last possible moment. Challenges arise due to missed appointments and frustrated relationships. Integrity and commitment are questioned due to chronic tardiness. For these individuals, time is a limiter on potential.

The good news is that time is yours to master. You can create momentum through wise utilization of time. Time becomes a utility rather than a burden. I wish I had known when I was in college that time is it to be managed. Time is to be made. Time, as a construct, is a fabrication. If time is a fabrication, then it can be manipulated at will. If you’re having trouble with this concept keep reading.

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