Author: MAWMonday Motivators 11/18/2018

Author: MAWMonday Motivators 11/18/2018

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Author. Write!

You are the author.

Last six weeks of the year. What do your current habits say about who you are? For some, this reflection is a joyous present to open with the satisfaction of a self-defining routine they are proud of. For others, the reflection is a list of indictments as another year draws to an end with chaos close. Whichever you are, I am right now affirming that you are an Author. In fact, you are THE Author. It is within your power to write the next chapter and make it your best yet. Don’t wait until the new year’s beginning. Start now.

Twitter is with me. I capture a few friends and their messages of encouragement. Write! Make it worth the read.

1. Author Patience

If you had a blank journal to write in, the first page will begin with patience–learning how to wait. For a moment, meditate on that idea: Waiting. Stop and breathe. Notice the rhythm of your breath. Take a breath in deeply. Consider what you are inviting into your world. Breathe out with pursed lips. Expel what you don’t need or want. Repeat this until you settle down, just long enough to relax. You have just begun patience.

2. Handle Today

Patience continues as you rise up and act. Patience isn’t just about waiting, it is about pacing yourself. Refuse the temptation to stress about tomorrow, next time, the future when, or otherwise. Plan. That’s wise. Then, work on the task at hand. Take care of today. Handle today. The contributions you make today, make tomorrow’s tasks lighter than they would be after a day of non-productive stress.

3. Go Through

Think through and Follow through. Go through. I love this in its simplicity. No explanation needed beyond the first sentence. Once you hear and accept that first sentence, you only have to remember one word: Through. Make through a verb even though it describes or tells time. Move with it. See yourself achieving as you work consistently. The barriers, sluggishness, and setbacks are no match for your penned ToDo List.

4. Live in Determi-Nation

“I’m trying to live so committed that I inspire t-shirts!” Here’s one idea. Living in determi-nation means setting a goal and sticking with it even when you don’t feel like it. Even when the passion has worn off and the excitement is long gone, persevere. Even when you see others excelling and reaching their goals around you. When you think the grass is greener on the other side, keep investing in your craft. Soon enough, you’ll be the one people are looking at as a success.

5. Trust the Author

Trust is huge! Trusting yourself is even greater. Trusting You means that you have yourself to blame when things don’t go right. That’s scary to some. With the amount of pressure we put on and high standards we hold ourselves to, it is quite a challenge to overcome when you get down on You. There aren’t many you can call when you’ve begun to question yourself. But try this: Count up all the attempts. Gather up all the lessons. Organize them in sequence with value and content guiding. Ask yourself a simple question, “Do I want this?” If your answer is Yes, go get it. Write about it and keep me informed. đŸ™‚