Best You: MAWMonday Motivators 11/04/2018

Best You: MAWMonday Motivators 11/04/2018

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Best You

Your Best is a consistent pace, a noble race, and a poker face.

Just do your best. Simply be the best You that you can be. But, it’s not simple. Being your best requires you to know yourself, your capability, your interests, your purpose. It requires you to balance the comparison that leads to collaboration with the comparison that leads to preoccupation. Your Best requires you to regulate your emotions never too high and never too low. It is a consistent pace, a noble race, and a poker face.

Not easy, but doable. Not within arm’s reach, but achievable. Twitter sent some notes of encouragement. As a favor, I collected them for you.

1. Even Late

It doesn’t matter when, how, or if you know the difference. It matters that you check the mirror and the journal each day. There really is no formula. I and many others will give you our best guesses at what makes it work. But, you will have to experience the reality on your own. “Results may vary.”

The beauty is that nothing is wasted. You will learn and grow. You will clarify and build. Even starting later, being different, or uncertain, keep moving forward consistently. You will make a difference.

2. Even Without Choices

Choice is the ultimate in human ability. But, even without the luxury of choice, you have control over You. Do the best you can. That’s one important part of what this tweet admonishes. The other is to create. Create choice even in the absence of choice by recognizing the power wrapped up in You as an individual. Find peace, seek knowledge, and act from that place of information and desire for justice, kindness, and progress.

3. Best Daily

Create the habits that regulate, integrate, and expand your mind, body, and soul (MBS). Habits result from daily practice. It may require some forcing in the beginning. But, you may be surprised at how quickly your MBS requests and requires that offering. Even beyond results, get inspired by the character you exhibit by creating healthy habits.

4. Best in You Too

Bring out the best in those around you. It is simpler than you think. Do your best, and they naturally compete. The true challenge is to bring the best out of you consistently. Allow me to focus on the oft-overlooked element of the process: Rest. You have to take time to sit, meditate, sleep, and unwind if you are to be the best you consistently. Don’t leave out rest. Don’t feel guilty about it either.

5. Opening the Path

Being your best opens you up to the revelation of life as an intentional activity. “How’s life treating you?” It doesn’t treat unless you allow it. You have to grab it by the handlebars, after you install them, and steer it where you want it to do. You have a grand payload. Your path is open. Do your best.