Perfect: MAWMonday Motivators 10/29/2018

Perfect: MAWMonday Motivators 10/29/2018

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By the time this week is over, it will be November. That’s two more months until the new year is upon us. Eight weeks to get it together, and make your last productivity push in 2018. I’m gratified because I surpassed last years 20% of my goals list total. I’m sitting pretty for the New Year’s family report. But, I want to make sure that these last 8 weeks are a triumph and tribute rather than a slow decline into tragedy and trepidation. Yes. I’m ready to blast off into 2019, but that shuttle must be prepared right here in 2018.

The phrase then is consistency toward done. Twitter is with me as always. Not perfect but done. Not reticent, ready.

1. Overnight Success

I have already started my posting of the year’s work. The products are coming fast and furiously. It looks like I’m producing at a frenetic pace. I posted two courses just last week. But, the posting can be deceiving if you don’t factor in the work that goes into the final presentation. Know that the year was spent writing. What you see in production is the result of that work. It’s a lesson for you looking at me, and for you motivating yourself. Do the work in the kitchen so that you can hear the gratitude in the dining room. That’s one to grow on 🙂

2. Perfect Waiting

This tweet offers that balance that I wrestle with all the time. It’s one thing to hold back a product because of a nagging perfectionism. But, often we hold back realizing that our product needs another edit, another review, or another test. I find balance by having a team that can readily review and give me feedback. I also have written standards that provide some sense of encouragement that a product is quality.

3. Not Perfect but Amazing

Perfection is what we strive for. Excellence is within our grasp. Doing what you do well. Learning more and growing, that’s amazing. You are amazing when you do it. You are amazing when you rest. Your process and development make you amazing. No one can take that away from you. Dab on them if they try.

4. Perfect Won’t Come Easy

Easy is not common. My wisdom in this is to give yourself space, nutrition, and routine to get your best work done. Sometimes, you just aren’t feeling it. That’s not you shying away because it’s hard. You may be tired. You may need a break for inspiration. An afternoon outside or an extended bubble bath may do you some good. Return when you are ready to do the hard work while making it look easy.

5. Never Confined

PerfectionWhatever your processing of perfection’s call and consistency’s requirement, realize the power of vibration and power of the mind. Only you can hold yourself back. Ultimately, this is the decision, the choice that makes all the difference. Will you build fences or will you build rockets?