Choices: MAWMonday Motivators 10/21/2018

Choices: MAWMonday Motivators 10/21/2018

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Choices Abound

Choices abound. But, I’m more focused than ever on informed choices. I have taken it as a personal mission to spread information about the institutions that impact our lives. That’s what is all about. Faith, Family, Finance, Education, and Health are critical to our transactions. Each has choices that we must prepare for. As you enter this voting season reading and preparing to make selections that will impact all of us, remember to continue that process seeking information about the choices within societal institutions that affect You.

Twitter has some advice. I will share my thoughts. You do your homework to make informed choices.

1. Discern Your Opportunities

This tweet is connected to a blog post. In the blog post, the author @STaunyas, suggests that we lose when we give our hope away in pursuit of someone else’s dream. If you know me, you know that I’m on that bandwagon full-time. The challenge is being informed about the options in front of you. That’s why I am building a legacy for my children in the form of a codex for interpreting the world. All that glitters is not gold. But, you also want to distinguish your needs from wants from socialization from error from fallacy from the curse. Discernment is the key. Any deception perpetrated on me always began with my confusion about what who I am.

2. Listen to Little Voices

A “still, small voice,” that’s what I heard when I was younger. That voice was the voice of reason and calm self-control standing between poor choices and better ones. The tweet is true and suggests that other virtues come in small-voice packages. Courage, perseverance, maybe discernment, kindness, generosity. Could it be that we neglect the small gestures because they are quiet and unassuming? Could it be that we don’t recognize how loudly the small, kind gestures speak in the lives of those who receive them?

3. Little Changes Too

Progress is not about the huge leaps. Organizing your closet could be the beginning of something amazing. Cleaning out that junk drawer in your kitchen could be the start of a revolution. Writing down your ideas could be the spark that ignites the fuse, which blows up into an explosion of progress and productivity. Do the small things. Keep doing them.

4. Choices to Reduce or Rise

I am a big fan of choices framed as dichotomies. The world is so much more complex than that, but the world also offers some broad strokes that you can jumpstart your ethical decision making with. This tweet speaks to me with both a during and an afterward. During, I can take heart that the worst thing they or the situation can do is knock me down. I can make the decision even before the outcome to get back up. Afterward, I can learn from the experience. I can move to correct if need be. Whichever, I will keep progressing. I will not stop.

5. Thrive

I won’t stop until I have success on a perpetual loop. It is contentment but without compromise. It is settled without settling for less. It is rest without resting on my laurels. It is NOT perfection. Thriving is more good days than bad days. More love and kindness than discouragement and fear. More being than doing and the world going on improved by the energy I expend and the goodness I cultivate. I make those choices daily. Join me.