Step Up! MAWMonday Motivators 10/14/2018

Step Up! MAWMonday Motivators 10/14/2018

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step up

No matter the path, keep stepping. Step up!

Step up! It’s more than a call to do more or rise to the occasion with action. It is a call to activate belief. The operant school of thought is cognitive psychology, which acknowledges the existence of mental states and their impact on behavior. To step up, you have to believe that something different, progressive, new is possible. It is the paradox of life that the faith invested prior to the step ensures that the step is never in vain.

Twitter is my partner. Join us each step of the way. We are going all the way up.

1. Losing

You only have a limited amount of space. That’s the truth with many areas of life. A lifetime is finite. Office space is finite. Mental space is finite. It is surprising, in the context of this reality, that we have the hardest time letting things go. Determine whether its a willful, spurious search for greener grass or replacement of durable, low-water, all-season grass in your own lawn. Give up the good to make space for the great.

2. Destiny not History

Your best days are not behind you. It’s a matter of perspective, but also a simple review of what direction your head is in, and who is beside you. Make sure that you connect with those who are higher, better, and willing to teach and guide. They offer keys to unlock your destiny.

3. New Day Chances

Every new day is another chance at freedom. Grab hold and wringe every drop of satisfaction out of it. Too often, we worry about what we can’t do and what hinders instead of what is within our power. Be faithful in the small things, and the big things will seem smaller over time.

4. Step up!

The first success is mental. There’s a reason that you find some entrepreneurs and CEOs to be exceptionally upbeat to the point of being annoying. They figured out how to harness that energy for their production engine. You don’t have to be like them in behavior, but you do have to adopt a mindset that harnesses your energy, faith, expectation for your production engine. As you do, you will climb higher.

5. Manifest

In the end, life hinges on belief and action. Simultaneous or in sequence. Repeated. And, if you can find people or rehearse for yourself that you are making it, your every moment will be a manifestation of belief and action. Simple. Predictable. But, never spurious or specious.