Distance: MAWMonday Motivators 09/23/2018

Distance: MAWMonday Motivators 09/23/2018

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Distance to Travel

Distance cannot be reduced, but it can be overcome in time.

I travel at least twice a month. When I get an opportunity for a gig, distance is the great determinant. It determines whether I book a hotel, drive or fly, take 2 days or 3, plan additional activities, even how many family members I take along for the ride. Distance can also be symbolism for relationships, even the relationship between you and your vision.

Twitter connected with my feelings and you get the benefit of reading the resultant post. I wish your progressive use of distance. I hope for your ability to conquer any distance emotionally, socially, or intellectually just as travel suggests we can in the physical world.

1. The Worst Distance

In today’s world, confidence artists, media outlets, and advertising firms attempt to influence your behaviors relentlessly. Such an environment can breed deep-seated cynicism about the world and the people in it. It can be difficult to express any vulnerability, uncertainty, or transparency without fear of being taken advantage of. That’s why it is so courageous when you do it anyway! Sometimes you misunderstand. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to you. We have to have kindness on both sides. The speaker has to be willing to repeat (again) and admit when the message morphs and updates. The listener has to admit if the misunderstanding requires definitions and accept that any morphing is in good faith attempts to provide clarity. Misunderstanding doesn’t have to be the worst distance. It can be an opportunity for the greatest experience, to be on one accord.

2. Measure the Distance

Arriving at your vision will require some investment. There is no doubt about that. Pele suggests that it also requires love. I found this to be an important point given that the other requirements in the list were standard. He suggests that love is required most of all. Why? In the context of success as no accident, requiring so much, why is love required most of all? Without saying it, Pele is preparing you for failure, disappointment, and the rigorous nature of work. You are going to get beat down. And, that’s not even in the environment of work. You will face challenges even in safe places as people don’t agree with what you think it takes to succeed. What is powerful enough to keep you moving forward when even your closest allies are miles away from understanding? Love is the only thing powerful enough to motivate at that distance.

3. Bridge the Distance

The message is simple: be consistent and persistent daily. I’ve often contemplated the building of a bridge across great expanse. Such a bridge is a great metaphor for a life that makes the impossible possible. Consider that a plan must be developed. A firm foundation must be cleared and set. Solid footing in dangerous conditions must be calibrated and recalibrated on the fly. Some days result in tremendous progress. Other days are less productive for whatever reason. But, the engineers never give up. You should not give up.

4. Be Who You Are

And be kind. Never allow a distance between who you are and who you understand yourself to be. Work with humility and passion to define You and maintain a schedule of growth, joy, exploration, meditation, and releasing. I am convinced that the greatest challenge facing humanity is our comfort with cognitive dissonance. That ability we have to do one thing while thinking another. To speak of freedom and equality represented in a symbol while denying opportunity and demonizing expressions of freedom. The fact that no contradiction or hypocrisy is noted dooms us all. What once was the purview of the most insidious and disturbed among us is a trait of next door neighbors and mail personnel. At its core, it is a lack of clear Self-definition; a state from which any manipulator can hold sway.

5. Inspire Others

What do you inspire others to do? Don’t answer that. How much of your daily life is spent doing what you love and enjoying that to its fullest? Answer that question. Is it 50%, 12 hours out of every day? Is it 10%, some quality time on Sunday afternoons? I want to inspire you to increase that time. I wish for you to experience that feeling daily. I hope that you will schedule the time each day to feed your love. People are watching. Perhaps your authenticity will spark their flame of genuineness, kindness, and generosity. That’s how this works. It’s the same for empowerment, happiness, and success. You can’t empower anyone. You can’t make anyone happy. You can’t make successes out of people. You show them, and they imitate you. They catch the rhythm, and they gain the courage to create themselves.