Speak Into Existence: MAWMonday Motivators 09/16/2018

Speak Into Existence: MAWMonday Motivators 09/16/2018

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Speak It

What you speak into the world is seed into fertile ground.

Your words have power. Speak about what is in your world. Not what you see around you, but what you wish to see. The more you speak about it, the more it manifests. This truth may be hard for you to see. Or, you have may have accepted the facts and find it hard to practice. But, that’s just it. Both those sentences were what you DO NOT want. Let’s change that. When you speak, make it about what it the goal, opportunity, momentum toward, striving for, effort, stretch, and production. Leave the other for others.

Twitter is with me as always. Speaking and giving You a chance. Take that chance and speak amazing into existence.

1. Speak It

This post has video as well demonstrating the action that attends a pronouncement of a future. Whether you approve of the methods and meal prep around kale or not, the connection between speaking and action cannot be undersold. Most people look at the “faith without works” with emphasis on the works. “If you don’t make changes, nothing will change,” they may say. I place my emphasis on the faith. That’s the part that we are not practiced with. We are too often realists “telling it like it is” instead of speaking life, gratitude, resilience and telling it from the perspective of what it can be. It’s going to take time. Your work ethic will get weary, but faith is the component that is renewed with each step forward. Emphasize faith and talk like it.

2. Get Your Attention

Complete responsibility is in the tongue. The thoughts are revealed through what you speak. What you say will manifest in some way. It’s a simple reality. When you spend your time focusing on something, you tend to see it more often. You tend to draw it to you even while actively pushing it away. You give it energy, even negative energy, and you give it power.

Turn your attention. That’s just as simple. Feed the desired outcome. I don’t care if it’s rudimentary, yet powerful wishing. I am impressed if it’s enlightened generosity, gratitude, and altruism. Either way, give your attention to the positive and watch as your dreams manifest.

3. You Priority

And, still you will have disappointments, delays, even failures. You will miss deadlines and feel like a jerk. You will forget important things and feel unworthy. Feel these honestly. Work through them with truth as your guide. A jerk move doesn’t make you a jerk. An apology with explanation proffers understanding. Forgetting doesn’t remove your worth. An adjustment of your practice and reminder mechanisms will help.

Keep the priority, even while you feel your feelings honestly, on reconciliation. Make your priority peace, love, and kindness even toward You. These priorities will return you to the path of progress.

4. Keep Dreaming

I don’t know how to tell you that the giving up isn’t the problem. Most of us haven’t even started the dream that will be our salvation, our opus, our grand slam. It is more clear in athletics and chess mastery. Youth and commitment are easy when young and motivated. What motivates when you are older, wiser, and nap-loving is the dream. That same dream that life attempted to drain from us. That dream still calls though the voice may be hoarse and low-volume. Listen. Give it a microphone. Build it a stage. Keep dreaming! Allow that motivation to move you to higher heights and a more fulfilling daily existence.

5. Give Yourself a Chance

Give You a chance. The real You. The You with the talent and the charisma. Not the you with the obligations and the maintenance fees. You with the solid gold visions and the champagne dreams. You are wiser and more grounded in reality. But, that just means that you know what you don’t know. You know you need help. You know you will have to pay for it. You know you need support. You know you need a plan. So, get your vision in order. Script your message. Solicit your team. Line up your support. Give yourself a chance, even from this moment forward, to make amazing happen.