Real You: MAWMonday Motivators 09/09/2018

Real You: MAWMonday Motivators 09/09/2018

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Real You are your Best Foot Nike

Put You forward along with your best foot.

The Real You with a capital Y. This is my grand revelation for this quarter. It fits with a theory of human behavior that suggests that the person you present to the world is not You. Humans present their best guess of what the world would like to see as their first impression. The sentiment is captured with “best foot forward” and “one time to make a first impression.” We rehearse a self with softer edges and less passion than the self we nurture as many as two layers beneath the surface presented. It’s not fake. It’s just not You with a capital Y. I think it’s also a mistake.

This week, I offer an alternative. You already know and love the alternative. My offer is to rename and rehearse the Real You with a capital Y. Build the tribe that resonates with You stronger than the group that marches to a similar beat.

1. You Can Do Anything

You have limits. You can’t do everything. But, the list of things that you cannot do are infinitely shorter and mostly outside of your focus. So, why dwell on those? Let’s spend time and energy on what you can do, what you can develop, what you can influence, and what you can speak up for. That’s different levels of doing. All important. All valuable. All within the power of You.

2. Real You: A Power to Discover

The Power of You is a loaded phrase. As this post began, You is a power in the context of human behavior. The ways we interact, the things we take for granted, the things that inspire us, and the things that cause us to pull back are human choices and human meaning-making. Imagine a reality in which you discover You and decide to live as You instead of you. The impact of You on the world is immeasurable from this moment. I can promise you that some will fear, misunderstand, or ridicule. I can promise that You will make a difference beyond what you was willing to risk imagining.

3. Life is a Gift

It sucks sometimes. There are periods when life sucks too often with less-than-recovering lulls in the sucky-ness. But, life is a gift. Like many experience Christmas day-type gift. You wish and write and speak an opportunity to anyone that will hear you. You tell a stranger in a red suit about your dreams and aspirations. You hope against hope for the gift to materialize. You wake up early, run to the tree, and rip away the wrapping paper hiding your wish. You open it and use it right away as your constant tool for happiness. That’s what life is. Make sure you change the oil, clean the screen, recharge the batteries, fluff the hairs, or whatever the gift needs to remain in best shape. But use it to your advantage. Get the most out of it.

4. Kindness is Wisdom

The world is frustrating at times. I am not asking you to ignore that. I am promoting a response that considers others as humans before defining them by their deeds or the content of their character. I’m convinced that kindness is not politeness or a refusal to call out bigotry, injustice, or institutional racism. Kindness is a refusal to substitute name-calling as social action. Articulate agreement with a firm and passionate position through citation of facts and precedence. Confound them with the way You maintain the respect of humanity even while denouncing the sometimes disreputable actions of humanness.

5. You are Needed

We have plenty of you around. The you that follows every trend and cowers in the face of injustice. The you that hides behind social groups or social media or wrong-headed policies to be vanilla, uninvested, or troll. We have enough of you. We need more of You, The Real You. That You that feels deeply, risks intentionally, counts costs, and pays it forward. We need that You to stand up and be counted. Otherwise, the world lacks sparks that kindle flames that burn bright with leadership and purify in their wake. You are needed.