Infinite: MAWMonday Motivators 09/03/2018

Infinite: MAWMonday Motivators 09/03/2018

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Infinite Universe

The Universe is Infinite. That means infinite possibilities.

It seems that many are getting comfortable speaking about miracles, higher power, and providence with some form of “the universe.” From a science perspective, I like that term because it honors any conception you have about the origins of life or a certain creation story while focusing on the most important point: the infinite nature of creation. When we speak of the universe, we instantly evoke a perspective of limitless options. It expands our finite and limited existence to connect with something bigger than ourselves. As well, I hope it reminds you of the nature of infinity. Namely and imperatively, the reality that you don’t have to know it all. You can accept that in an infinite set of options, your salvation is probable.

Twitter is with me. Infinite. Encouraging. Enjoy the following reminder.

1. Infinite Focus

The focus must be beyond what you see to include what you envision. Not what you want to see, that’s desire. Not what you need, that’s discontentment. But what you envision, that is a balance between appreciation of the moment and recognition of motivation to be your best paving the way for the next moment.

2. Vision Pulls

The point is that your focus makes a huge difference. You can’t do it simply by focusing on it, but focus creates energy that attracts. Attraction supports energy flow. Energy flow directs action and reactions within your realm of influence. It feels like moving downhill with momentum. It can also feel like you’re in the twilight zone if you are consumed by emotions at the moment. Either way, know that you are moving in the direction you are looking.

3. Infinite Hope

Feelings are temporary. It is such a hard lesson to accept…the lesson of acceptance. Feel your feelings. Be human. Never lose hope. Hope is that assurance beyond a feeling. Hope is always believing in another opportunity even when you can’t see it. Infinite hope is believing that your vision is shaping up no matter the sight in front of you.

4. Love

Love is the core. Kindness is the practice. No matter what people put on you or define you by, who you are beginning in love will shine through eventually. The bonus is expressed in the tweet. You get more love flowing to you live in the being of love. Be love. In its purity, conciseness, simplicity, and consistency. It will come back to you in good measure and in confirmation of You.

5. Infinite Love

Perhaps the most difficult is to love yourself. But, you can’t express love without loving yourself. You can’t be love without the result of a definition of self that is love as well. Some wonder if self-love is a code for pride and conceit. A valid wonder without a definition. Yet, the judgment is never left to what someone thinks. The judge of who you are is what you attract. Watch what they incur. See through the infinite lens of the universal law. Be love–kindness, however, whenever. Be infinite love–an experience enveloping You, influencing others, and attracting more of the same.