Being: MAWMonday Motivators 08/26/2018

Being: MAWMonday Motivators 08/26/2018

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BeingThe question that keeps us all up at night is one of Being. What many seek to shut down is any question that threatens a definite, immutable conception of self. Whether with religion and beliefs, political affiliations, questions of science and industry, we want to hold a belief and stick to it. We want to be consistent, which we match with wisdom and piety. But, how many arguments would be shortened if we listened, recognized our ability to fail, sought understanding, and demonstrated empathy? What would change if we allowed ourselves to grow and change if we prioritized being kind and gracious above being right and proving a point?

Your Being is not about adopting a stance, belief system, or affiliation and blindly spouting a party line. Being is about recognizing the moment, accepting the inputs evens as they contradict each other, accepting your confusion and resistance, and responding from a comfort with thoughtful reasoning even acknowledging that it could be wrong. Twitter will help me explain.

1. Being You

Be who you are. That is something that life, often in the form of people, will attempt to take away from you. It’s not really life but the human tendency to form institutions that themselves have the mission of replication and self-perpetuation. They accomplish this through insisting on a creed that must be expressed by all the individuals under their influence. Recognize that you can benefit from affiliations without losing yourself. You can honor your parents and still seek your own. You can fulfill the requirement of adulting and balance child-like joy.

2. Hope for Greatness

I hope something great happens for you. The greatest of which is that you accept yourself. Imagine what could be accomplished with that as a foundation. Acceptance of your growth and change, your responsiveness to new information, the fact that sometimes you will fail or feel down. The assurance that you will always get up and experience something new…something great.

3. Speak Truth

What does speaking the truth have to do with it? Everything. There is a truth about you and your “I AM.” There is a truth within situations of justice, oppression, opportunity, challenges, and ability. Facing that truth is better than denial or obfuscation. In that truth, you find your need for help and learning, your capacity to endure, the cycle of grief and reward, and the power to rise up each morning and honor your mission.

4. Seek to Understand

The first admonishment here was to keep going. The message there was not to give in the white-washing of who you are. But, it was also to continue without expunging your capacity to hear and understand. Consider that it is not only yours to speak the big things about your education and learning. It is also to listen and seek understanding with the hidden truths, the non-common situations, and the individualized capability. Everyone can’t, but that doesn’t mean that you disallow those that can. Treat institutions with the attention they deserve, but never deny the power of the individual.

5. Make Memories

But, this time the message isn’t about you doing something for yourself. Make good memories for another person. Lighten their load. Reach out with understanding. Put yourself second for just a moment and consider the provision of what you can for what they need. Count the costs always, but also count the blessing knowing that whatever you give will be returned to you with interest added and an overwhelming result.