Path: MAWMonday Motivators 08/20/2018

Path: MAWMonday Motivators 08/20/2018

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If it’s a treadmill path, it does not matter how many features it has.

What path are you on? Are you on a path or a treadmill? It is partially a question about your perspective and partially a question about your destination. Think about the things you pay each month from mortgage to cell service to Internet to parking. Are they a means to get to a different level, another experience, or a new consciousness. Or, are they just things that you maintain? I’m done with attempting to attain things. Age 40 and some wisdom will get you there. But, I am also done attempting to maintain things. It takes heartbreak to get you there.

My message to you this week, though, is that something more exists than attainment, maintenance, or entertainment. It’s called enlightenment. The name may scare you if you are too young to realize that names tell only half the story. The path to enlightenment runs necessarily through a process of self-awakening where you realize that you have the freedom to choose what really matters each and every moment of your life. Twitter is with me expanding the metaphor. Get off that treadmill and get on the Path.

1. Ships & Paths

Boats are unable to come close to the shore of shallow water. If you are looking for your ship to come in, you’re going to need to get deep. If you are going to get deep, you will want to learn how to swim. The point is that your path will take two levels of work. The first level is figuring out what to look for in ships–those opportunities that fit with what matters for your life. The second level is putting effort into catching that ship or hiking on that path. I can tell you that, like swimming and hiking, enlightenment is all about managing your breath.

2. My Path

Identifying your path is a necessary decision, but I’m convinced that it doesn’t end with the decision. That decision will be tested in many ways. The first way decisions are tested is in comparison with others. Even after you have matured past the comparison for competition, you will still have the comparison in the context of patience. Looking at others will have you questioning all angles of your decision. The easy answer is to limit your people watching. The deeper answer is to look for clues, encouragers, and tools. Rather than wonder if you are fast enough, watch for clues about the process that may lead to shortcuts taken by others. Instead of wrestling with critics, gain strength from encouragers who are like water on your path. More than potholes and perils notice tools that are specific to you, the terrain, and the experience.

3. My Inner Voice

The second way decisions are tested becomes a questioning of self. It is trust at the most core of places. In the context of Being–that elemental definition of self–can you trust who you profess to be? Can you build from your construction of self to support a person fit for the path you traverse? Simply put, Are you real? The good news is that you don’t have to listen to the opinions of others. The bad news is that your answer can’t rely on the opinions of others. It is a still, small voice within you often whispering the truth of who you are. We may have been trained to listen more readily to the voices of others. I challenge you to cultivate and turn up the volume of your voice. It is always encouraging. Your voice is always progressive. It is always honest and calling you to be the same.

4. Doors on the Path

Doors provide an opportunity to think of your path as winding through neighborhoods and business districts as well as marshes, mountains, and wilderness. The bottom line is that all those doors you encounter will not be welcoming. Some may start out open and close in your face. Some may be locked so often that you have never observed them open. Focus on the path though. That focus enables a view of opportunity rather than a feeling of being shut out. The path before you is much wider and more diverse than what lies behind any door.

5. Rigged Path

This tweet is still one of my favorite quotes. Rigged! Booby-trapped is what many of us think right away. The system is rigged. The primary election was rigged. But, what if the universe is rigged in your favor? That changes the calculus tremendously. And, here’s another fun thought exercise, what if the universe is infinite enough to rig for everyone? What if everyone has the inevitability to shine? Not just the potential and opportunity, but it is rigged that way. I hope that thought changes your next step. I wish for you the courage that this thought allows you risk. I pray for the outcomes this thought allows you to manifest.