Self: MAWMonday Motivators 08/06/2018

Self: MAWMonday Motivators 08/06/2018

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Self Rooted Tree

Roots, Farmers, Growth, and Self

You are such a misunderstood commodity. Not owned or controlled by anyone else, but self as defined, motivated, consoled, respected, and nurtured by You. Self-control, selfishness, self-love, selflessness, selfies, and self-efficacy are choices that influence your definition and understanding.

This week, I challenge you to get to know Self. How could you use Self to make a difference in the world? How can you continue sustainably when faced with stress and the struggle? The answer is abundant on Twitter if you are looking. I have provided some help for those who want help to help Self.

1. Bear Fruit

The imagery this week is about planting and farming. It happened organically. 😉

What I want you to take from this passage is the description of fruit that appears in the garden of sustainable habits. Notice the fertile soil of gentleness, goodness, kindness, and faithfulness to grow gratitude, generosity, and self-sacrifice. Consider the motivating power of love causing you to pay forward your blessings, forgiveness, and caring. Imagine a world where this fruit was harvested responsibly and shared freely.

2. Extend Patience to Self

And, a reminder that your oxygen mask should be administered first before attempting to help others. The pressure threatens to take your breath away, but give the same care, love, and light to Self. Provide nurture and an environment that supports a thriving plant. Be diligent in consistent progress no matter how small. Trust that growth comes in season.

3. Believe in Your Self

Just as the farmer believes in his work of tilling, planting, and water, some faith is required when dealing with Self. Gain knowledge about the process and do your best with what you have and what you know. Then, watch as your work and faith pays off.

4. Weather the Storm

It’s not always a negative when the storm comes. In the absence of a careful gardener, the storm can remove dead branches. Lightning can spark wildfires that prepare the area and unlock seeds that only disperse under extreme heat. Weather the storm. Watch for what is possible at its conclusion. Realize what is no longer impossible after it has passed.

5. Mind the Root

Strong roots relive worry about the storm. Favorite is such an appropriate word in this tweet. It happens sometimes that words make your day. I love these because they are about dispelling fear. “…no reason to fear the wind.” The strong roots are an indicator of the staying power of the tree. It will obtain nutrients. It will communicate. It will remain a home because the root structure is strong. Take heart within your Self. You will make it through. You will succeed in every purpose assigned to you.