Overcoming: MAWMonday Motivators 07/29/2018

Overcoming: MAWMonday Motivators 07/29/2018

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Breaking through the Wall OvercomingI have printed out my August through December calendars, and I am making commitments to myself. Throughout the year, I have proven to myself that I can keep up with a daily routine. I have added some activities, practiced some habits, and reclaimed some satisfaction. It was systematic work considering what was a priority and what investments were worth it in the long run. The preparation was also a stretching of myself and becoming accountable to a level of production that I had only dreamed about prior. Now, in the final four months of the year, it is time to watch preparation pay off. It is time to run this marathon of increased productivity. I may stop for water and rest along the way, but know that my mindset and resolve are beyond comfort and focused on overcoming any barrier.

Twitter is with me. Are you coming? Are you overcoming?

1. Overcoming Can Not

The reality of overcoming often includes a realization that is contrary to a prior position considered fact. In other words, when you do something new, you probably thought you couldn’t or hadn’t registered that you could. That’s the definition of new. The point is that this is where strength is born. Not in the doing alone, but in overcoming of that thought of “can not.” A friend of mine calls it Being. If you Be first, the Behaviors come afterward naturally. In being, there is no place for can not. You already are by the time the question is asked.

2. Don’t Have

I get being stranded on a mountain with a flat tire and no lug-nut wrench. But, that’s not what we are often faced with in our journey of self-development and business-development. More often, it’s a question of knowing who we are, what we do best, and how to package that goodness. We get so consumed with the fact that our good is not great, that we miss the opportunity or don’t get the knowledge to develop that goodness to greatness. Overcome that sense of lack and the idea that you are without. Focus on what you do have. Apply the good.

3. People Pleasing

If you have any mfsb (mother, fathers, sisters, brothers) treating you like you are in the way, do yourself a favor and leave them alone. Severely limit your time with them. Accept no energy they offer. Overcome the need for approval or the obligation of titles. You will benefit in the long run. You will create space for more productive, encouraging, inspiring energy to replace the loss.

We often hang on because we crave certainty. We rationalize that something is better than nothing. As if we are discussing a craving for steak when only hamburger is available. But, this is not that. Negative energy is the opportunity for a life-saving antidote to all ills and being forced to ingest poison instead. Reject the poison. You don’t need more illness.

4. Time Pressure

This is by far the hardest to get right. It is true and valuable to trust your timing–to worry less about the time it takes and focus more on loving what you do. At the same time, you need to move! Don’t get complacent or feel like you should take more time, give it another review, or launch it next week. If you are in that space, you don’t know enough. You don’t have the people resources and supports you need. You don’t have supports in place in case you fail. And, if that’s the case, do it anyway! Overcome the pressure. Fail quickly. Learn studiously. Launch again. And develop over time rather than worrying about time.

5. Comfort

Yes. Overcoming comfort. Getting past the barrier of self and letting go of the good in order to take hold of great. It’s quitting the $60,000 a year in order to latch on to the $unlimited. But, that’s uncomfortable. I advise clients not to do it. I caution them to plan, to partner, to prepare. The truth is that if you meditate on it and really want it, you aren’t going to be happy with less. The choice then becomes whether you are going to live in the discomfort and lack of satisfaction of what you know, or are you going to reach out and risk for what you’ve dreamed about?