Building: MAWMonday Motivators 07/22/2018

Building: MAWMonday Motivators 07/22/2018

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Lego HeartBuilding a vision often begins with an external push and is a function of the heart. Just like physical building projects, the best vision results from the best materials. It begins with external pushes, and maybe some external support continues. But, most often, we must focus our effort from the inside out to pull in supports, information, expertise, and help. Our vision depends on this.

This week, I’m providing one of those external pushes. My hope is that you begin to pull in return. Twitter supports my push.

1. Build Consistently

You can! It’s a function of your everyday living. Each step, each word, each thought, each bite, each reach is about building or can be. It is an important consideration for children. Building is not lost on you as an adult. Consider what you spend your time thinking about, speaking out loud, and doing. Is it in line with what you want to be? Make sure you are doing less worrying and more planning, less complaining and more solving, less working to become and more being to outline the work ahead.

2. Be an Architect

It’s in keeping with the build theme, and it takes it to another level. Consider that we have enough workers. We have enough people who are at the mercy of the whims of other people’s vision. We need more architects. Not just in our life for individual gain, but in our communities. We need people who come together in their diversity and their varied professions and build something more kind, supportive, valuable, and legacy-producing. The building begins with you charting the plans.

3. Surround Yourself

The people you engage with most will determine who you are. It’s just one of those laws. It makes perfect sense. You are going to be inspired if you communicate most with inspired people. But, that’s not all. I remember the power my grandmother instilled in me. She could vibe with me on ideas and share some of her own. But, what she does even now that she is no longer in this physical world is remind me that I am worthy of every good and perfect gift. She believed in me without waiver or question. And, when I thought to question whether I could, I heard her voice promising that I could. Surround yourself with people like my grandma.

4. Don’t Limit

It’s just a thought. Why would you limit the thought? Because thoughts turn to disappointment when they become dreams deferred. So, you rationalize that it is better to dismiss hope rather than explore the possibilities. We have all been there at some point along the way. My answer is to process it on a purely intellectual workbench. The key is the question you start with. The average person seeks to list the reasons why it won’t happen. Those seem apparent and easy to delineate. The above average person asks what is possible. He looks for opportunities. The outstanding person asks, “What would it take to get there from here, even with the barriers?” Be an outstanding person.

5. First Step: Believe First

Now that you have a sense of what you are building, you have to envision it. More than seeing it completed, see yourself being what it is that defines, builds, inspires, the thing. If you can maintain that vision, you can activate that vision. You can gain as you perform the tasks that promote that vision. I see it for you. Can you see it?