Go: MAWMonday Motivators 07/15/2018

Go: MAWMonday Motivators 07/15/2018

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Go The GameGo. Go Forward. Go for it. Go get it. And, above all, let it Go! It’s a game artificial intelligence machines have learned to play. It’s also The Game you are engaged to play. This week, I encourage you to Go! Find yourself allowing, living, enjoying, and achieving. Do the next thing on your list. Keep going!

Twitter is with me. You going? Let’s go!

1. Let it Go!

Yesterday is gone. Let it go. I know how much it still hurts. I know what’s like to wake up thinking about the betrayal. I know what it’s like to want revenge or exoneration. But, I also know what it’s like to look forward. To see and take hold of the opportunity within your reach. I also know the power of a switch from wishing to living. I can tell you how the path to your greatest achievements may pass through swamps of uncertainty and mistreatment. That’s to encourage you in the way. I can tell you how the path ends with the desires of your heart that you may have lost hope in achieving. That’s to help you remember. Keep dreaming! Don’t allow the memory of yesterday’s problems to overshadow the memory of what you sat with closed eyes wishing for. Open your eyes and enjoy that your wish has now come true.

2. Let Go!

Two things I have found to be true. First, you never win by holding on too tightly and attempting to control everything. Second, your failure of control will result in brutal treatment of you by you. We are hard on ourselves as a natural response to our desire for excellence in a culture of “just do it” and “give 110%.” But, you don’t have to accept them as a justification of a controlling nature. Do what is within your power. Give your best in everything. Accept that you don’t control everything. Give yourself a break–the respect, patience, and love that you deserve.

3. Let’s Go

Get up! You can still do it. Granted, there are a lot of things that you can no longer do. But, becoming, that’s something that begins with a dream. It extends to your impulses. Corral those impulses to spark action. Get moving on whatever path defines your desired becoming. Be it! The doing will follow. Do it! The achievement will result.

4. Go

You don’t have everything it takes to do what you want. You are going to have to put in more effort. But, that contradicts the first statement. You do have everything you need because you are enough. Not just an affirmation of your innate possibility, but the recognition that your desire is unique and inspirational. Go on. Get moving. Hustle making a way when there seems to be none. Ask around. Be bold. Give 110% everytime your feet touch the ground each morning.

5. Go Again

A lot of people talk about failure or falling down. Of course, the admonition is that you get back up. I don’t think enough people talk about “Next.” Many of us are not failures. We don’t have a lot of failures to speak of. We put our time in and we get things done. And then we face it: What’s Next?

One of my greatest challenges was to build out a routine that continued to produce in the face of What’s Next. You can create goals. You will achieve them. You can create deadlines. You will meet them. The courage you are going to need is to move on to what you know you need to do next. To take the next step to expand your business, write the text, contact the mentor. After you have gone, Go Again!