Making Ends Meet Purpose: The Product

Making Ends Meet Purpose: The Product

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I have been thinking a lot lately about operationalizing purpose. Purpose is tossed around as an accessible holy grail for those who focus and commit themselves. I have even created a process for identifying purpose and implementing it that you can find HERE. Yet, a disconnect still exists for many between what I would call purpose and implementation and daily life. In other words, even when they know what to do, they don’t see how to put it on their schedule.

The following is not a complete solution. It is an explanation of the products expected when developing purpose that is practical. Perhaps understanding of the tangible products can lead to the affirmative choice to include purpose implementation activities into your lifestyle. May purpose implementation become as typical and vital as showering or brushing your teeth.

First Product: Process

The first product is the Process. Your process is the brand that people buy into. They are interested in purchasing whatever medium you package the process within because they believe in your story, your delivery, and your system. You must map your story determining the impactful portions, your comfort with self-disclosure, and the expression of the brand as represented within the story.

You must perfect the delivery including the supply chain and service chain. The supply chain focuses on how you get your materials for production, packaging, and marketing. Service chain refers to the touch points, follow-up, and supports for your customers.

You must develop your system. The system is your reflection on the process as you implement, learn, and right-size your business. The system can be packaged as a memoir, how-to, or expose as it is often done when entrepreneurs succeed. This as a way to reveal interesting elements of the journey while not revealing the proprietary process. Outline a process that offers your story, a predictable delivery, and a system for others to follow.

Second Product: Merchandise

Mug Customizable Product

You can sell items like this mug after your marketing, sales, or public speaking events.

The second product is the Merchandise. Merchandise takes the form of books, DVD, audio files, training, or web sites. These are the calling cards that communicate your message and the value proposition to customers. They are items for sale after your marketing, sales, or public speaking events.

Your system has steps. Organize those steps either as a set or group them into sections. Each section could be its own training course. Together, the steps could be a book with each step as a chapter presentation or lesson you present. The packaging options are limitless. Your next goal would be to expand this basic outline with at least 3 sub-topics for each of the chapters. After that, you need 3 points for each of the 3 sub-topics. At that point, you are ready to write. Just one page for each of the points will yield a 90-page book.

Consider that merchandising will require that you develop your Process Outline into a specific script for the form or media your merchandise will take. Identify the media that you will produce as merchandise. Write your first script.

You end up being a salesperson for your brand, but it is sales with a heart. You are connecting people with a solution to the questions they have in their lives. Their expression of gratitude comes in the form of cash.