Start: MAWMonday Motivators 07/08/2018

Start: MAWMonday Motivators 07/08/2018

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Start LineI always love talks with my protege (that’s what I call her) because she inspires me much more than I could ever inspire her. Today, it was the reminder to push past the barriers of “not having,” “not good enough,” “not ready,” and “not qualified” to get the point of production. Whether it’s beginning, continuing, or starting again, the point is the consistent production of that one commodity you have chosen. The message, platform, discipline to produce are necessary, but content makes them sufficient. You have to put in the work, understood. You must also push past the excuses that hinder production.

Twitter is my encouragement as always. Multiple tweets support our state of mind and commitment to content production. Here’s to the beginning, continuing, and consistent production. I also wish you the inspiration that I have access to.

1. Just Start

I get it. Trust me. I do. You’re not lazy or a slacker. You want it done right, and you don’t know everything that is involved in doing it right. You are not worried about standing up for your idea, but you are resistant to being embarrassed by a lack of preparation. So, you prepare FOREVER.

Do me and yourself a favor. Write out a list of interest, problems you would like to solve, or talents that you know about. Compose one message you would like to communicate. Record a video on your phone. Write down when you will record the second video. Just start.

2. Remove Doubt

You are going to question whether you can do it. That’s not yet doubt. Your response to that question is to marshal your resources, prepare your environment, and schedule consistent production. What you lack is identified through answering that question. It only becomes doubt when your answer settles on No. You CAN. You only need to find out the HOW. With support is the standard answer. Your task, then, find support.

3. Don’t Wait for Perfect

Perfect is like your friend who promises to come but is rarely on her way. Plus, Perfect often arrives after Good Enough has already stood in the gap and taken care of a potentially stressful situation. I’m not telling you to give up on your friend, but I am telling you not to wait on her any longer. You are going to miss too much if you do. And, she’ll show up late to present a solution that is no longer needed.

4. Realize Where Your Power Lies

Your mind is what you have control over. This was the grand meeting of the minds I had in conversation with my protege today. The message I was relating to her is a message I often present to myself. I shared that I was wrestling with “just doing.” But, the solution is not as simple as pushing through. The mind has to become comfortable with the choice being made. If not, an inordinate amount of energy is spent just getting motivated to do the task. The more sustainable solution is to work through the revelation to confirm how the “do it without waiting on perfection” is truly the most sustainable, expeditious, and quality-producing option. Convinced and informed of the better choice, the mind works for you and less energy is exerted.

5. Find Purpose in the Problems

Two immutable truths about business are expressed as follows. First, your best inspiration will be found in solving a problem that you face. Second, a packaged, convenient solution to a problem can result in a financial windfall. This means that your greatest complaints are your greatest opportunities. Whether it’s folding clothes, cooking, coding, gardening, nail teching, or training, if you solve something, there is a market for the solution. Reflect on those situations and challenges that you face every day. Conceptualize some solutions. Package them for distribution. Test to see if I’m right.