Meaning: MAWMonday Motivators 07/01/2018

Meaning: MAWMonday Motivators 07/01/2018

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MeaningWhatchu Mean? I’m just getting around to give Lecrae’s latest music a listen. I’m loving it. Growth. Development. Business. And, yes, Faith! I think it’s a good message. More about Lecrae in another blog. This post mentions him and his music because it’s rap. Your meaning makes more difference than their scholarship. It’s an artist that’s been working hard. Work is integral to creating meaning for your life. He’s an artist that faces criticism for growth, development, and business. You will relate whether the critique comes from the outside or whether you are still your greatest critic.

Twitter will explain my meaning. Read the following, and come with me…

All I know is come up winter to the summer
Work on top of work, you know we did a ton of
Movin’ lowkey like we diggin’ tunnels
Haters, I don’t see you, on my Stevie Wonder
Guess it’s safe to say I stay in my lane
Always on time, never hesitate
Watch the execution, I’ma demonstrate
Tryna hit me with your regulations
-“Whatchu Mean” by Lecrae

1. Create Your Meaning

You decide. You also interpret. Beyond positivity, prosperity, and optimism, you translate your world into imperatives for yourself. You decide whether those invoke visions of doom and sacrifice or whether they result in opportunity and motivation. It will get hard to see, but have faith in those moments. The work will pile up, but put some music on and get to work. You will complete some notes, some projects, and some goals. Review those old scraps of paper, and rewrite the new marching orders for a new day.

2. Define Your Motivation

I’m reading a lot of push-back from people who are fed up with positivity, prosperity doctrine, and optimism. They’ve been the victims of faulty, incomplete law of attraction promises and inspiration memes without instructions. Or, they are calling out the pseudoscience and incompleteness that leave many wanting more.

I get it. It’s disheartening to believe in something only to watch it fall apart before your eyes. But, I want you to know that this too passes. And, you know what you need. You need instructions. Look past the books that are cheerleading and the self-anointed (or even popular) gurus who speak in parables. Instructions are in financial and small business magazines, corporate SEC filings, technical books, and operational manuals. Rather than reading how She struck it rich, learn about the markets, the financial tools, or the commodities she now trades on to develop her riches into wealth. Instead of reading about how he built a company, learn about the process engineering, supply chaining, and material sourcing he continues to use to expand his business.

3. Keep Dreaming

You are already thinking big. You are used to dreaming. The work gets tedious and mundane. But, the work is how we get to the dream. Take a moment and reframe what it means to dream AND succeed. It’s like traveling. You may know that some travel by plane and arrive in hours. Some may travel by train and arrive in a day. Some may travel by car and arrive in a week. I don’t know what your situation is, but if you are traveling by donkey, don’t worry about not being there yet. If anything, consider how you might upgrade to a car, train, or plane. The answer, I’m here to tell you, is most likely keep doing what you’re doing until you can do better.

4. Live Your Greatness

Even more than purpose (though it’s definitely related), I wish for you to know what you are good at. It could be storytelling, making people laugh, or knitting. It could be babysitting or goofing off. I don’t care what it is. You shouldn’t either. It’s not about how much money it can make or who thinks its a respectable living. It’s really not about prestige or status. If you’re good at it, work to perfect it even more. The rest–the opportunity for you to shine–will come without question.

5. Seize Your Uncomfortable

I might as well be the one to tell you. What you want is on the other side of what you see as uncomfortable. I could use Oprah’s story as she was told she didn’t have a look for a news anchor. But, that’s not a problem for many of us. We don’t have others telling us that we are not ready. We think ourselves unready, ill-prepared, or worse. I have worked with so many that have said that they were waiting on their next hair-dressing day or when they get their new lashes installed. Maybe your uncomfortable doesn’t boil down to vanity, but it’s probably pretty close if you’re honest. That fear of being unprepared, embarrassed, asked a question you cannot answer, or otherwise confronted with the unknown is a common impediment. I’m not going to tell you what to do. My job is only to let you know that what you want most in life is on the other side of that uncomfortable situation.