Building: MAWMonday Motivators 06/18/2018

Building: MAWMonday Motivators 06/18/2018

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Bricks for BuildingPerhaps the greatest edifice you will ever construct is You. Edifice is a perfect word. In addition to its meaning as a building, edifice can also describe a complex system of beliefs. Belief is the foundation of building You. What, Who, When, and Where you believe yourself to be and become are as critical as any other component of your existence. I don’t know you. But, I do know 3 things you must add to your edifice. One, you are enough. Two, you must keep improving. Three, define yourself. Don’t allow others to do it.

Twitter confirms my edifice-ial thoughts for this week. The theme is building. I hope your motivation is building too.

1. Keep Building

Don’t stop believing! This journey is varied, eclectic, and emotion-laden. (See what I did there?) All references to 80’s rock bands aside, you owe it to yourself to continue on the road. The wiser I think I become the more I am convinced that the destination matters less than the commitment to keep going. No matter how large or small the strides. No matter the setbacks or disappointments. Keep going.

Each day, you figure out the best you can do that day. You do it. The next day is the same. You process what occurs. You reflect on your development. You intentionally learn, act, and learn more. But, you keep moving forward. That’s success. It’s also happiness if you choose to make it so.

2. Allow Evolution

With rock bands on the mind, I can’t help but think of Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution as I reflect on evolution. “You say you want a leader. But you can’t seem to make up your mind. I think you better close it.
And let me guide you to the purple rain.” [Guitar Solo] πŸ™‚

This song about opportunity, commitment, respect, and mindfulness (Yes, It is!) reminds you to replace your overthinking and indecisiveness with a growth mindset. Start thinking about how your thoughts, actions, and the meaning you create contribute, even attract, the outcomes that you experience. Start thinking about love, light, and gratitude. Watch as you begin to experience gains you had only dreamed about. (Bathing in Purple Rain!)

3. Define Yourself

I’m here to tell you that other people will accuse you. They will seek to place their monikers on you and tell you who you are. They do this out of prejudice, ignorance, hatred, or some -ism they use to protect themselves. And while they seek to protect themselves, be yourself. Continue to rehearse your definition of self through your actions. Your generosity, gratitude, intelligence, and self-sacrifice will speak for you. It may not speak to them through the walls they have built. But, your task is to be your best self. The only danger to your best is if you fall to their definition.

4. Make Windows

I appreciate the imagery this tweet adds to our building theme. You must keep learning. You must continue to seek out innovative and more efficient ways to get things done. A simple example: You love to travel. Move from paper tickets you print into the digital world. Walk past the counter and have your flight, car, and hotel all set via your phone. Save yourself time. Sign up for rewards. Use a points-earning credit card. Get credits for another trip while you experience the current trip. Don’t know how? That’s why you research and learn. What other areas of life and opportunities could you be learning about?

5. Collect Bricks

I don’t want to give too much time to haters, detractors, and antagonists. But, positive psychology, mindfulness, and prosperity doctrine are meaningless if you can’t navigate and recover from attacks. Whether self-inflicted or outside-in, the reality is that the bricks thrown at you can cripple your development. They can even have you despairing, unable to see their temporary nature. I’m here to tell you that they are not always learning experiences. Sometimes there is no value in the experience. You will experience hurt just because someone could make you hurt. But…Ah BUT, you have to power to translate that hurt into a brick. The choice is whether to use it to build a wall of protection or a foundation of progress.