Series: The 7 Universal Laws by Taunya S. Wright

Series: The 7 Universal Laws by Taunya S. Wright

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Universal Laws are reasons, explanations for how the world works. I have counted as many as 20 from multiple sources. The Law of Attraction is the most widely promoted, otherwise known as the Secret. Author, Taunya S. Wright put together a series to explain 7 of the universal laws. I list them here for your quick reference.

The Law of Mentalism

I’ve said it before and I believe it today. It’s all MENTAL! Everything we do starts with a thought. Think for a moment about where you are today. You didn’t just get where you are by the wave of a wand. Your mind was the origin point of your path.

The Law of Correspondence

Who we are on the inside matches who we are on the outside. I know there are some who think they are fooling others with having two different profiles, but according to the law of correspondence all is revealed and your true self comes out in behavior and other telltale ways.

Law of Vibration

Simply stated, the Law of Vibration suggests that everything is in constant motion. Even if you can’t see all the subatomic atoms moving about. We are in motion too.

The Law of Polarity

The law of polarity states that for everything that exists, there is an opposite and it is equal. In the previous blogs on the universal laws I stated that the law of mentalism, correspondence, and vibration were all immutable, meaning we can’t change them.

The Law of Rhythm

We often hear people say concerning events in life to just go with the flow. They are speaking of the universal law of rhythm whether they know it or not. Understanding this law means you understand how every part of your world and the world around you flow from one state into another.

Cause and EffectThe Law of Cause and Effect

Each day we make choices, which is the cause. After choices, come outcomes, which is the effect. If you could grasp that nothing happens magically, it will help you understand this law quite well. Everything happens for a reason. We have control of that reason more than we are willing to acknowledge.

The Law of Gender

The law of gender concerns the balance of the feminine and the masculine that dwells in each of us. For those who think they are all male or female, think again. Physically we are male or female. The law of gender is said to exist in everything. What is most interesting for me to share is how capable of an individual each of us was created to be.