Accountability: MAWMonday Motivators 06/11/2018

Accountability: MAWMonday Motivators 06/11/2018

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AccountabilityMy friend and I are practicing a morning ritual as accountability partners. The ritual involves two questions. First, “What is your number on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best, inspired, and ready to conquer today’s tasks?” The second, if the score is less than 10, “What can you do to move that score 1 point higher?” If the score is 10, “What has you feeling your best today?”

We’ve only been at it for a month, but the practice has challenged us. And, our scores are improving. There is something universal about pushing for the one more and keeping friends accountable. It challenges you to rise to the occasion. You find inspiration in the rising.

These two questions are not the only questions to be asked each morning. Twitter offers a selection that you may want to implement with an accountability partner. Accountability may just be the answer to your Summer production energy needs.

1. How are Your Other Three Tires?

Too much is given to disappointments and setbacks. I am a believer in feeling and self-assessment. But, those are temporary processes to balance yourself. Focus and intention toward solutions and opportunities are constant. The point here is about continuing to move forward by focusing on the positives. I’m not suggesting that you ignore the flat tire. I am suggesting that a focus on the other tires can pull you out of the potential funk and frustration of losing one tire. The funk is the enemy that threatens to obscure your vision and sap your motivation to change into the spare.

2. What’s Your Burning Desire?

You won’t accomplish anything without first creating some goals. Possibly the best part about goals is that they come from interests, which are factories for perpetual excitement. This question offers the analogy. The best goals are like fire shut up inside your bones. You would do anything to get that fire out. You won’t be thinking about fear, decorum, intimidation, or barriers. That fire wins every argument. So, what is it?

3. What Can You Trust?

The universe is conspiring for your favor. That’s why it’s so important to guard your thoughts and projections about yourself. You draw experiences to you. I’m a living witness that the universe will take you through whatever experience is convenient to get you to what you are projecting as a desire. You can trust that with every fiber of your being.

Make an intentional effort to envision and speak toward the outcomes that you want. My suggestion is to be as specific as possible and as unashamed as possible. Yours is not to figure out how it will work out. Yours is to focus the energy and live within the possibility, the expectation even, that it will work to your benefit. And, remember. No matter the experience, up down or sideways, it’s part of the process to rid you of the chaff and teach value for the wheat.

4. What Nourishes You?

Health and wealth are about what you put into your body and what you put into your mind. Realize that you have healthy, unhealthy, and dangerous options for both. Moreover, they impact one another. You can’t put unhealthy into the body and expect a healthy mind. What I am even more concerned about is that many don’t take the time to ask the questions about mental nourishment. I offer two: 1) What sustainable choices make me genuinely happy? 2) How can I get more of those sustainable choices into my daily routine? I’m excited about your quest as you allow yourself to explore these questions. I’m even more excited about the experience once you put the answers into practice.

5. What Are You Sending Out into the World?

Love and Light are the right answers. The answer is the truth. What I mean by that is that you speak into the world and it is so. Your answer to this question is your contribution to the world and a vocalization of your wishes for your life. I promise you that those words never come back void. The universe holds you accountable for your actions. That’s karma. It also responds to your vibrations. That’s the law of attraction. [Find out about more universal laws by reading here.]