Coping with Stress & Anxiety: A Process Solution

Coping with Stress & Anxiety: A Process Solution

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Whether it stems from money, relationships, time, or some troubling knowledge, you will experience anxiety in your life. As a mentor, professional, and coach, some clients think that I am impervious to anxiety. I take great therapeutic pleasure in reminding them that I am not above any human emotion. I experience emotions. What’s more, they conspire to take me out. The human experience is a continual processing and decision making in response to the dilemmas of daily life. I’m not always able to manage those dilemmas without help. But, I have some solutions that you may find helpful.

AnxietyThe Solution to Daily Anxiety

For me, the solution begins with handling the anxiety through some expert application of tools. Therapeutic practice reminds clients of effective coping and adaptation practices. Those practices involve tools that become habits and hopefully consistent reactions to stressors. I believe the most sustainable approach to life is to amass coping tools for every conceivable emotional situation. From there, when faced with a challenge to your coping, you can:

  • Apply the coping tool to reduce the frustration and emotion. The goal is to get to a point where you can think logically as well as emotionally in balance.
  • Review your options. Keep in mind that you may have to stretch to avail yourself of some options. They may involve overcoming pride or enduring another anxiety concern.
  • Get information. A step many may neglect in their hurry to get to a solution. Never feel silly asking questions, even asking the same questions more than once.
  • Implement a Solution. The solution may be imperfect, but the goal is to solve the current problem, not create more of a problem, and contribute to a more holistic solution as much as possible.
  • Evaluate and Reflect is an additional step that may present a learning opportunity or solidify a new partnership.

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