Your Job Search: Realism & Your Why

Your Job Search: Realism & Your Why

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You may never find that dream job that offers the best fit and an opportunity to learn. One of my favorite interactions with a client was the response to my question of a dream job. She responded, “My dream job is working for myself.”

This is precisely when you must recognize that jobs are working for someone else—fulfilling their dream. A thoughtful meme reads:

You: Nice Lamborghini!

Your Boss: Thank you. If you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for excellence, I’ll get another one next year.

Is this You?

You may be one of those people who have the desire to work for him/herself. I’m telling you that it is not just about the rewards that you can accumulate. It is about the freedom and satisfaction that comes from making your own way and reaping the fruit of your labors. You may be one of those for whom working for others is a temporary activity while the business plan is drafted, and the revenue streams mature. Once your projections match your baseline needs, you are ready to launch out on your own.

DocumentationIn this case, employment becomes something more than fit and learning. It becomes your Why. Why would you work longer hours than required, take on more than you are getting credit for, walking confidently into intimidating circumstances, asking for loans, donations, and gifts in return for your vision? Because, at some point, it is no longer for your boss. At some point, it for you as the Boss. The long hours, little credit, intimidation, and asks are not for your employer. You are inspired to work that 9-5 and come home to an additional period of work because you recognize that you want to build something for yourself.

Are You Ready?

The only question left is, “Are you ready?” that question is not about your fear or confidence. It is a calculation of cost-benefit according to your pro-forma in the context of your revenue streams. If the ends are not projected to meet just yet, stay in the market that provides some income. But, never become complacent. Never again believe that this current station is your destination.