Your Job Search: Maximizing Online Options

Your Job Search: Maximizing Online Options

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A couple of years ago, I penned a blog about conducting an online job search. The post presents several of the usual suspects in the job search. It also presents some options that many may still not know about.

  • Presenting opportunities in metro and municipal governments.
  • The source for federal jobs, or you just want to see jobs that offer pay in the 6-figure range, check out this site.
  • For opportunities on the bleeding edge of philanthropy and social enterprise.

Job SitesThese are a nice compliment to Indeed and Ziprecruiter for your job search, but my work as a coach is about more than that. I help individuals determine what would make them happy. My greatest offering is the permission for you to give yourself permission to seek out your best fit and your most lucrative learning opportunity. I’m finding that clients are trained (entrenched) in having the worst of both worlds. They seem to want to be required to work while simultaneously convinced that working on what they love is not financially feasible nor advisable.

Exploring the Troubling Trend

While career coaching, I have noticed a troubling trend among clients. Maybe it’s best communicated in the form of a story. I received a message from a potential client. We messaged back and forth a couple of times, her trying to figure out whether I was a good fit for her needs.

She listed some work history and achievements. She spoke of life changes and growth. She presented a new trajectory of interests and research she had done on her own. She reached a conclusion about her life’s opportunity and direction. Then, she stated the words that I hear too often, “But, I don’t have any work history in that area. So, I may as well leave that alone.” No was my response.

I think many would be employees are missing two important realizations that are required (even critical) in today’s market. First, as much as you need the employment, your most sustainable choice is to find secure employment with the best-fit company rather than secure employment without consideration of fit. Second, working for a company must be about what you are able to learn from the company that inspires your growth and development. Most sustainably, the opportunity is for holistic development.

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