Your Job Search: Finding Your Best Fit

Your Job Search: Finding Your Best Fit

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You have at least a couple of considerations in determining fit. I will ask two questions to help your deliberations: 1) You plan to be here until what event occurs? 2) What tangible evidence of their commitment to feed, respect, and nurture you have they presented you with?

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What Event

Here, I am asking about your overall plan. Jobs are jobs. The days when workers planned to retire at a company are few and far between. The difference now is that few companies are vesting employees in pensions that pay a portion of their salaries even after retirement. Some companies offer a version of a pension. Many more offer some form of retirement account and package serviced by one of the retirement fund managers: TIAA-CREF, AIG VALIC, or ING. These options payout at retirement age, but the money you put in is available 45 days after your departure from the company in most cases.

retirement savingsSo, what needs to happen that would cause you to leave the job. Instant wealth. That’s a given for most people. If you could have the same amount of money deposited into your account without going to the work place, you probably would not go. What other reasons do you have?

What Evidence

This question is all about the experience of working for the company. Jobs are jobs, but they don’t have to be chores. They can be at least reasonable and at most enjoyable. You can consider it a delight to engage with your co-workers, to solve complex problems, and contribute to a day’s work.

On the reasonable end, tangible evidence would be in the form of flexible time-keeping policies that focus on your contribution rather than your minute-by-minute whereabouts. If you spend extra time in the evening after typical work hours, then arrive 30 minutes later than scheduled in the morning, reasonable would not count that against you.

On the enjoyable end, the employer would provide office activities, free lunches, gym memberships, or day-care services that add to your quality of life, convenience, and experience of the job as a campus of activity rather than a pit of despair. What examples of reasonable and enjoyable amenities can you come up with?

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