Never: MAWMonday Motivators 06/04/2018

Never: MAWMonday Motivators 06/04/2018

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Never QuitNever. They say you should never say it. But, I’m sure you see the irony in that. Never is maybe the best reminder to discern your situation and make the best choice for you. It’s a starting point for you to question what is presented as fact and find a truth that offers consistency and reliability. Never is trusting the sun while knowing that it also sets.

Twitter knows what I mean. So, this week, a collection of Never Quotes. May you always find the irony in Never.

1. Never Quit

You have so much to offer the world. You may have changed up, lost the spark, or forgotten the why, but that does not mean that you are now without purpose. It is a funny thing about purpose. The search for a purpose can yield some amazing adventures. It can almost be considered a purpose in itself. To wake each day and engage with what stands before you. To find humor, curiosity, challenge, and contentment in everyday life. To keep going, take a rest, reflect, and persevere with a sneaking suspicion that life gets better, different, or some combination of the two.

2. Never Explain Yourself

The audience is critical to understanding this never. Your audience by definition is never those who don’t care to listen to what you have to say. And to those who do care to listen your stories are desired more than your explanations. Keep engaging your audience with your truth as they evolve into a tribe. Never get lost in the recitation of explanation. Find your brilliance of expression in storytelling.

3. Never Settle for Easy

One of the greatest challenges is to find contentment without complacency. It can be difficult to find comfortable routine without a bubble of ease and mindless echo chambers. Realism and restraint can seem unreachable as you reach for your dreams on fluffy pillow clouds labeled nine that as quickly turn to thunder-producing nimbostratus. But, think about it. Launch new goals within the contentment building on the current foundation. Create comfort in a workspace combining functional feng shui with ergonomic excellence. Utilize your pillows for rest and rejuvenation and your rain for refreshing showers. It’s not easy.

4. Never Waste a Day

Let me begin by affirming that self-care is never a wasted day. I want to remind you to never take a day for granted. Every day, without fail, set a small achievement. Make it doable. Make it simple. Make it and achieve it each day. Yes, it could be getting out of bed. It could be taking a shower. It could be piddling in the garden. It could be walking to the mailbox. Make the goal and crush it. And train your mind, heart, and soul to rejoice intentionally and on demand.

5. Never Despair

And, sometimes, we don’t get what we want. Other times, we don’t realize how desperately we counted out and lacked belief for the things that we really wanted. We fail to realize how we put in energy toward inferior and more tepid pursuits. We forget what it is like to really apply our creativity toward an aspiration that, with the naked eye, could never come to fruition. We lose the lesson of the prophecy game of youth and its certain prediction that we would own a limo, a Mercedes, a Lamborghini, or a private jet. What is worse, we often trade that bright, starry eye for dripping eyes of despair over perceived failure and disappointment. We call that being a realistic adult. Never give in to being a realistic adult. The adult part is a function of age. The realistic part can be refined into curious, creative, and certain that dreams do come true, even ones that we’ve forgotten, grown out of, or seem taken away.