Emotions: MAWMonday Motivators 5/27/2018

Emotions: MAWMonday Motivators 5/27/2018

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Emotions Scale

Rate your emotions each morning. Keep track.

I have been running an experiment about mood for just over a week. A large research-base exists to suggest that rating your mood each morning serves an important function in self-regulation. The heightened awareness and attention to your intentional actions and reactions to your rating impact your daily productivity and your interactions. Integrating the emotional—recognizing, even appreciating the emotions that are a part of you—along with the intellectual results in a balanced view of self. You think, but you also feel. Bringing them both under your direct and intentional control makes all the difference.

Twitter is with me. Multiple emotions posts this week. Let’s find the wisdom in them. Read them and feel them.

1. Emotions are Your Job.

This hit me dead center. Gina responded with wisdom and self-reliance to a post meant to encourage. Or was that the intention. It reminded me to continue to encourage you: Even while you are ingesting a steady diet of attraction and inspiration and motivation, don’t give up YOUR job. Bring happiness, contentment, progress, and positivity to the table. Make matches with messages that resonate. Refuse incompatible messages. AND, never accept that your mood and emotions are controlled by others. They are yours alone to wield in service to your desired outcomes. They are power to fuel your productive activity.

2. Refuse Negativity

You gain more time with the positive, the productive, and the supportive when you refuse those incompatible messages. For me, this is even refusing to scroll too far down my social media timeline. Try this. Post some positive, some praise, some power to your timeline. Invite me as a friend.

Successful people write out their goals and review them daily. As opposed to a diet of negative messages masquerading as news, prepare a menu of your goals, your progress, and your plan. Your emotions will balance out. Your intellect will increase. Your productivity will be confirmed with products.

3. Release with Faith

Too often, faith is hemmed up within specialized and burdensome requirements for expression. Faith is a pathway to patience, contentment, self-sufficiency, as well as collaboration. Faith tells you that you can wait and see how your investment pays off. Faith reminds you that break-even is good enough for a start. Faith encourages you when you don’t see a friend in sight. Faith prompts you to discern who is tangibly for you and who can only cheerlead.

4. Let Go-d

This tweet resonated with me because the message is about staying focused in your lane without emotionally living in another lane. Your emotions and sense of guilt and obligation can get you into mental cycles that are detrimental and obstructive to your health and well-being. Don’t try to be god and take on the weight of the world. Don’t do it physically. And, don’t do it emotionally. You can accomplish what you can accomplish, and that can be instrumental in the change process. And, also recognize the restraint and refuse the delusion that stresses and ultimately diminishes your shine.

5. Be Ready

No one is going to be there to tell you. Often, no one will be there to cheer you on. If you have someone in your life that serves these functions, consider yourself blessed. The tragedy is that many of us have trouble accepting support. We have that drive derived from some prior experience to do it ourselves. Slogans and mantras exist that promote this lack of help. “If no one is with me, I will do it myself.” That’s fine if the question is innovation that only you can see. Not sustainable if the question is your refusal to risk being rejected. My message? Being ready for an opportunity is about preparation of your skills and preparation of your mental–tolerance for risk. Learn to discern and determine appropriate risk. Be ready.