Never Quit: MAWMonday Motivators 05/20/2018

Never Quit: MAWMonday Motivators 05/20/2018

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Bright Line Train

It is going to pass anyway. You might as well hop on that train intentionally.

If you have noticed, I haven’t posted for a while. I have been on some other projects since beginning a sputter regarding MAWMonday Motivators and blogging near the end of 2017. Yet, I never stopped writing, producing, sharing. And, this offers a lesson for you. Whatever the medium of expression, express yourself. Whenever the need arises, refocus and re-prioritize. Whatever the mood, continue listing the goals, todos, and wishes. This is progress regardless of the storm or lesson at hand. Never Quit.

1. Make Learning Life

Living is about learning. A deception is prevalent today. Maybe multiple deceptions exist. I know they do. I wrote a whole 240-page book about the deceptions, distractions, and disillusionment that face us each day. The deception regarding learning and life is that you reach some point of completion. You don’t. But, you also have a responsibility to share your process, current knowledge, and aspirations. This humanizing of experience demonstrates to others that the path is a human path and a path that we can overcome. It doesn’t matter where we begin or what we are given, it matters that we continue to learn and share. Never quit.

2. Use the Time

Let me be the loudest to say that you are free to feel. This is a useful allowance when things are not going your way, or you have that dull pain, that annoyance of wanting more while not being especially motivated to put the work into achieving. My admonishment is that it doesn’t really matter what you are feeling. Good, bad, or indifferent your feelings were never the focus or source of motivation. The goals are the motivators.

After you take your scheduled time to feel, take the time to sit down and refocus on what you have now. Write out the new needs. Determine which of those are destined for the ToDo List, which belong to the Goal List, and which will settle on the Wish List. Get with your mentors and supports and share your lists according to their contribution to your production and outcomes. Use time as your vehicle. It is going to pass anyway. You might as well hop on that train intentionally.

3. Develop During the Storm

Storms come. That’s a fact of life. I don’t think it has anything to do with anything except the fact that most of us want more out of life. This silent desire is a subtle attraction to the universe toward change, growth, and evolution. It’s your internal voice whispering, “Never Quit.” When you think about it, you can find humor in our surprise and resistance to the storms we are faced with. We have experienced them in the past. We have overcome with grace, lessons learned, and a story to share. Yet, new storms are looked upon as if to ask, “Why?”

The answer is, “Because you want more.” And, if we are honest, the answer is true. We are not willing to settle. So, again, we must find grace and poise, learn the lessons before us, and experience what will become our story of triumph and evolution. No. It’s not easy. But, as you grow, you realize it as necessary.

4. Leave a Trail

Being different has gotten me into trouble. What I have learned is that difference and non-conformity requires that you have an alternative plan, another option, and ultimately your own. People you trust and respect are going to suggest that you lower your standards, acquiesce to the status quo, and silence your critiques. They are right. But, they are only right in the context of systems and institutions that depend on the status quo for survival. You may find yourself in that space of forced conformity especially when you don’t have the means to develop and secure your own. My admonishment is to refuse the complacency that lulls you into a perception of exhaustion servicing their agenda. Always maintain energy, schedule the time, pave the path toward your own. Never quit. At some point, you will break free.

5. Rest but Never Quit

Sometimes, we feel the pressure of not measuring up or the failure of dropping off in our consistency. Sometimes, our failure is hard won, and the search for lessons is the best option at the time. Other times, we are growing and evolving to focus on more lucrative or more consistent streams of revenue, support, or passion-achievement. Your lesson: Never mistake evolution for failure and manufacture discouragement from an affirmative choice. The only requirement I have of you is that you are intentional. My hope for you is that you will identify that core of your expertise and exercise it often. My wish for you is that you make content creation your daily habit. No matter what you present to the world at a given moment, I promise you that intentionality and attention to your expertise will result in amazing outcomes eventually.