Enough: MAWMonday Motivators 01/07/2018

Enough: MAWMonday Motivators 01/07/2018

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First Sunday in 2018 and I wonder if you have had enough? Not enough of the new year. Enough of the grind that has defined your existence up to this point. I have news for you. You were wrong. Yes, I’m continuing my inspirational rant from last week. You are hustling, but you may think that the opportunity lies in working. Most people believe that if you are not getting the results you want, you just must work harder. Do more. Take longer. They believe that this is the process. Practice makes perfect. Others have awakened to the fact that doing is not always progress. And another truth, only perfect practice makes perfect.

Here’s the paradox, a grind is required, but hard work is not the solution. The opportunity is about work–working to create a foundation for a sustainable health and well-being structure. The extended mind-explosion is that the tools you need have been touted and are available to you. They have just been demonstrated to you in support of the status quo, not your progress and enlightenment.

This week, Twitter assists me to remind you of the tools. But, this time, we explore them without the structural controls of the status quo or powerful interests.

1. Set Goals

The new year is an appropriate time for resolutions and goal setting. Yet, you have most likely been living under a fallacy. Consider the following question: When you were a child considering what you wanted for your life as an adult, what was your primary goal? Even if you stated it as “being rich and famous,” I wonder whether the wish was about having all the money you could imagine or was it about being able to do what you wanted, when you wanted. This choice was between money and freedom respectively. For most of us, the wish landed more on the side of freedom.

2. Plant Seeds

The game got twisted through at least two intentional lies. Both utilize human nature to perpetuate division and self-questioning among those who have little to the benefit of those who have more (and most importantly the ability to make policy adhered to by those who have little).

Your road back from the misinformation handed down, institutionalized, and promoted with repetition by respected figures and brilliant minds will be a long one. But, keep planting seeds of information and exploration. Continue to ask the problematic questions of others and of yourself. Challenge what you know, but also challenge your desires. Are they based on the fallacies and unreliable even as goals? Are they only playing into a reality that maintains your oppression and the feeling that things are the way they are and will not change?

3. Wait and Hope

Don’t forget the hope. As an adult, you realize the power and utility of money. You may be more advanced and realize opportunities and mechanisms for wealth. You may lament the hole you have to dig out of or contemplate the challenge of sustainable financial security. I would wager that in all your contemplations the amount of money loses its primacy as you mature in knowledge. You realize that true power is found in the freedom to make your own rules. Realize that this is THE GOAL.

The most important skills were not about work ethic and connectedness. The most important skills were knowledge gathering and knowledge translation into productive action. This tweet suggests wait and hope. Many read patience and expectation. I read search and opportunity. It says to me that if I keep searching, the opportunity will present itself. If I don’t blindly accept what is told to me, I will find space for additional choices that the masses often miss.

4. You Are Enough

Remember the lies that twisted the game? The first lie is Status. The Status lie is the assertion that your worth is determined by anyone outside of your person. Removing this self-confidence allows for easy manipulation. Provide someone with a symbol of status and you create something for them to lose. Threaten to take it away, and you have the makings of control.

The second lie is illustrated in concepts created to divide people groups like race. Consider that if I, as a person of power creating policy, can foster argument among those that have little, they likely will not question my policymaking. As I create structures and institutions to memorialize and systematize their oppression, they clamor for a piece of a small pie blaming each other for the size of their take.

The path to reclamation is to recalibrate what Enough means to you. Rather than amassing with the fear of losing and clamoring for a larger piece of an artificially reduced pie, consider a change of focus. But, base this change in a clear sense of what you want from life. It may not be freedom that you are working for, but the ability to make this choice for yourself, clear-eyed and well-informed is definitely the desire. You are enough. What is enough for you?

5. Self-Worth is Separate

What if you could control the game and the rules as well as your unique pieces? The promise of freedom is not control of the game. The challenge of institutionalized inequity fuels itself.  The masses perpetuate the mechanisms built upon lies they were told. The control and disconnectedness that make up the system maintain a corporate delusion.

What you can aspire to begins with a shedding of the lies. You can gain the freedom to see yourself as enough without the need for status symbols and external ornamentation. You can choose to see your fellow man as similarly caught in the matrix. This results in less energy wasted fighting them personally as they do their job. Spend more time and energy discovering joy and your individualized purpose as one who is no longer plugged in and tethered.