Rise: MAWMonday Motivators 12/31/2017

Rise: MAWMonday Motivators 12/31/2017

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2018, and I am calling upon you to rise. Rise above to learn the hardest lesson you will ever have to face. You may be wrong.  It’s not just pride, arrogance, and stubbornness as hindrances. Self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and solid support systems could make this problem worse. You have been taught that these are positives. Reject the bad. Embrace the positives. I’m asking you to rise to a new level of consciousness. But, it’s like what you had as a child. It’s based on curiosity and comparison. Be curious enough to search for new knowledge. Develop critical thinking as you compare knowledge, experience, reason, and wishes.

Twitter is going to help me with this first task. Rise. It may be hard, but get up, move forward, and dream again and again. I promise that the rewards make the work appear worth it.

1. Better not Bitter

The danger of bitterness is real because new knowledge forces us to face the fact that someone was wrong. Not just us. Many of us didn’t arrive at our conclusions without help. We were tutored whether intentionally or unintentionally by someone else. We either followed directly in their footsteps or vowed to never do what they modeled. When we find we are wrong, we face that loss of valued mentor or the frustration that broken people can do something right.

This tweet reminds us to waste no energy on the loss and frustration. Instead, focus on the You made better through the knowledge. Maintain a heart that is open to development and evolution. Recognize a new potential to contribute light to the world.

2. Rise Every Time

You were wrong. The goal was never to be perfect, but to strive for perfection. Some have reworded it as striving toward excellence, but that betrays a misunderstanding of perfection. Perfection applied to finished works as in art or reports or games require completion. But, you are never complete until you are no longer. Human life is about the quest, not the completion. In that quest, expect to fall. The reminder to rise is a reminder to continue toward excellence each day and toward perfection in your attentive response to the lesson of the day.

3. Rise Again

It’s time. The new year brings a grand opportunity. Energy all around you is focused toward rebirth, resolution, and starting again. I was surprised at the strength of the calls for 2018 as “My Year.” It seems like just 365 days ago that the proclamation of “my year” rang just as loudly. Yet, it is to your advantage to co-opt that energy to rise above the average and mediocre. I say you don’t have to be someone different. I say you just continue building on the knowledge you have. You will grow as you learn. Your decisions will be better informed. You will evolve as you learn. And, as this tweet suggests, you will find a place of quiet beyond the noisy cries of “My Year!” You will become an observer of your rise as done rather than will do.

4. Dream Backwards

Wealth creation is the goal I’m pushing this year. I am still, after 3 years, incredulous that stock market investments can make me money each day. But, most brokerage accounts require an initial deposit as much as $2500. Most people don’t have $2000 available to them in the case of an emergency. How can I expect them to have $2500 to risk on something that is not a certainty? Your wealth creation will require a plan.

Most people can follow this tweet and envision their future. They can work backward from that vision. Many can see the positive occurrences that they experience along the way. But, many miss the opportunity to also recognize the sacrifices they must make in the process. When it comes to starting a wealth creation plan, the sacrifices only continue with the monetary. Rising is going to require letting go of some prior-prized knowledge. You will have to recognize that some who you thought were working for you are actually ill-informed and, in some cases, working against you. Your visioning and planning just got a lot more interesting. You may have moved from dream to nightmare, but plan to wake up refreshed.

5. Dream to Inevitability

At each step along the way, even with a fully-qualified plan, you will need hope. Whether you call it faith, dream, positive thoughts, or allowing, hope is often the only barrier between you and despair. The challenge is that it does not get easier until you have realized the goal. The Gandhi quote is “Dreams at first seems impossible, then seems improbable, and finally, when we commit ourselves, become inevitable.” When it seems impossible, Rise. When it seems improbable, Rise. Commit yourself and watch yourself rise. You’ve made it a habit. Now, live the results of your commitment.