Hipping Through Life 16: The Private Blessing

Hipping Through Life 16: The Private Blessing

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Merry Christmas everyone! And hopes for New Year’s Blessing. The leaves have blown away to give way to the tinsel and lights with garland swaying from the eaves of homes and the new reflection of stars and snowflakes dancing on the bricks and sidings. As the world turns in strange and tumultuous directions, we must strive to take comfort in the little things that make us happy and keep us united. The beauty of each season must not be lost. The knowledge of a new beginning with each blessing is even more encouraging. Christmas is all about love; and, regardless of what the cynics say, this message is worth sharing.

Life is such a challenge and when we examine our own circumstances, we can become easily jaded. Not only are we extremely busy, the retail world kicked into high gear by ignoring Thanksgiving (which I love), to focus on Christmas buying. This put everyone either in a Scrooge mood or into an extreme Santa motion.

Private Blessing

Christmas Blessing WordsThe peace that comes with thinking and feeling positive is sometimes ignored because we get caught up in our life’s survival. The positive aspect is we all have a testimony of private blessings on a day-to-day basis. Being able to be “thankful” is special and motivating in a private way. Taking time to meditate and ponder without worry is calm and soothing. Emptying the tired brain rejuvenates your entire body giving one synergy.

Private blessings provide a person time to improve upon themselves if they so choose. It’s a time when you don’t have to share what you don’t want to share. You can set your goals without comment from anyone as long “you” are the recipient of the positive results or even failure. The point is, every day, we set out to accomplish something. Even if it doesn’t succeed like we may expect, it’s still a blessing that we attempted. Most of all, it was something within ourselves that we have the freedom to attempt.

Everyone Is Not Worthy of Your Testimony

Not everyone will understand your quest in this life and even if you share. It can backfire. I’m not saying you can’t tell your friends or family. But, there are times when you may have a goal or idea and they don’t understand your reasoning on the pursuit. They, then, ask the everlasting question, “WHY?” The doubt creeps in for you, and you regret sharing. We don’t always know why we seek certain things; however, I do believe we’re not to understand the secrets of the universe. We won’t always know what the greater plan for our lives will entail. There will be a time when the private blessings can be shared and received with understanding and happiness; until that time, enjoy them and learn from them. Relish that you are preparing for bigger and better.

So, as we celebrate this wonderful time of year, whether small or large, appreciate your life, your goals, and the ability to love and share. Know you have a special secret in your heart just for you with your own privacy policy in the form of a blessing.


Janet E. Blakemore

Janet is a former full-figure model, former director of a modeling school, retiree from TN State Government, and an awesome, vibrant spirit of a person. In addition to writing, Janet is an entrepreneur who enjoys retail therapy, being a Tennessee State University alum, and time with her adult daughter.