Life: MAWMonday Motivators 11/13/2017

Life: MAWMonday Motivators 11/13/2017

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Life is hard. I’m just going to put that out there. No. It’s not just you. Life is hard for all of us. BUT. Think about it this way as you have heard it on television. If everyone is special, then no one is. Not true, but let’s follow the logic. If life is hard for everyone, then the field is level. In practice, it only means that you will receive no preferential treatment. But, that’s the external view. Start from the inside out and recognize what it means. It means that you have the same chance as others. What is going to separate your experience from theirs? Before we get to the smart work, the investments, and the replication, let’s begin with the basics: remove the wall, let go the can’ts, keep moving, and get YOUR life.

This is Your LifeTwitter is with me. It is as if my tweeps are reading my mind. Be encouraged this week.

1. Shout Out to Those Getting Their Life

Doesn’t matter whether it is the result of trauma, the impetus to make life changes, or the motivation toward life goals, I want to applaud you for getting it. Life! Lifting yourself out of bed each morning to face what the world has become and its constant reminder that it owes you nothing. You are doing it. With each step, with each breath, you are participating in your own advancement. Whatever your deficit, challenge, barrier, fear at this moment, you are poised to do something about what is uniquely and solely yours.

2. Walls You Build

Make no mistake. Walls are protection. They are consistency. They are strength. And, do not make the mistake of thinking that they cannot or should not be torn down. Okay. Don’t tear it down, but at least build a door. If you still need control, make it air tight, add locks and steel reinforcements. But, give yourself the option to venture out and explore.

Walls are an analogous to the limitations that you surround yourself with: The Can’ts and the Won’ts. You see them as protection, yet you are still cold. You see them as barriers to them getting in, but you cannot get out. You see them as structure, yet you are unsure of your foundation. Transform your limits into learning. Replace your walls with wonder. You built them. You can dismantle them.

3. Let Go of Can’t

Can’t is just fear of failure as a proactive intervention. At least you are being proactive. But, you are also putting to much value, power, importance on the risk at hand. I was recently driving with a friend. She weaved with ease in and out of traffic. She ducked in and out of lanes, revving the engine on straight-aways, pulling u-turns with the professionalism of a NASCAR driver. “I trained with stunt drivers you know?” She said as she pulled expertly into the parking space at our final destination. Before I could comment, she preempted, “But did you die?” I didn’t die.

Traffic is not a risk that I would advise you to take. The risks you are faced with in business, finance, and lifestyle change are much less damaging to your physical person. They are, however, a great risk to your ego. Could it be that you are less concerned about a lack of achievement, and more concerned about how others will look upon you. I say, dismiss your concern of what they think. If you can’t, focus on their faces when your perseverance finally pays off.

4. Keep Moving Forward

Some admonish and “every day, all day, no sleep, all in, total commitment, forsaking all others” approach. I say simply, “Keep moving forward.” Too many things exist that could derail your progress and slow your momentum. Life comes up. People let you down. Time moves faster than your activity. And sometimes, you just exhaust yourself. Sometimes, you get knocked down. Sometimes, you reach a new level and have to stop for a minute to realize what you don’t know. Either way, listen. Stop. Pay attention. Learn what you need to. Then, keep moving forward. Progress, whatever the speed, is life and life more abundantly.

5. Change: Getting Your Life

You have to understand this reality–the fact that you will have to change. But you there is more to it that is process, insight, and maintenance. It is integrated and intertwined. You must cognitively comprehend the process of change. This means recognizing that steps exist toward a specified goal. You have to emotionally agree to the meaning that a new direction communicates and the definition of self that replaces who you now consider yourself to be. Grieving the old you is acceptable and expected, but the emotional agreement to meaning and new definition is removing the emotion all together. You are not called to hate your old self. You are called to live as if the old was placeholder until the new arrived.

Maintenance of the You change is possible as a result of process and insight. You are not running, trying, hating, frustrating. You are living in the newness of life, an reality extending from inside out. This example is the only thing that ever had a chance of changing the world. Share.