Mindfulness: MAWMonday Motivators 10/30/2017

Mindfulness: MAWMonday Motivators 10/30/2017

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A great irony exists in the fact that Mindfulness is the name we give as remedy for an overactive, over-thinking, full-to-restlessness mind. Some would argue that the goal of mindfulness is to quite that activity and empty the mind of its preoccupations. I know this to be helpful, AND value can be gained in filling the mind with thoughts that are navigable, encouraging, and progressive.

Compost HeapConsider that your mind is not a trash bin. Items of process and use are not dump until your mind is full, then emptied through some waste removal process. Your mind is more like a compost heap. Your task is to add to the heap with intention in order to allow sustainable decay of the contents. The result is useful matter for planting in due season. So it is with mindfulness. Your task is not just to empty, it is to add with intention. Gain all the lessons, love, and experience from those thoughts that enter your mind. Add reflection, counsel, and positivity to release them from urgency and store them as memories. Use them as foundation for new thoughts of progress and sustainability.

Janet reminded us of this calling it Brain Space. Twitter is my go to as always. They get mindfulness. You can too. Online training coming soon.

1. Cure the Mind Blind

It is not that the solution is not there. You just can’t see it. Part of the problem is that you’ve been trained that seeing is believing. But, that is not how faith works. Not seeing it, but remembering your experience or someone else’s experience, even hoping without a memory is believing by definition.

The cure for that mental blindness is choice. You must choose to look beyond what you can see. Focus beyond what is directly in front of you. Envision the fruitfulness of new beginning even as you prepare the soil for planting.

2. Trust the Process

The absolute, hands-down, toughest lesson to accept is to trust the process. Consider that everything, all of it, is working for your good. I told you it was tough. What you went through last year, this year, back then, it was all part of a master plan for your greatness. Whether this is true or not is immaterial. The point is that you can’t change any of it. It has already happened. What you can do is focus on this moment moving forward with the past as lessons. You can accept that you must take time to intentionally heal, get help, learn intensively, rehearse health, and continue in small steps. That again is why trusting the process is hard. There is no “harder path” that gets you to a destination sooner. In truth, there is no destination. Consistency is all that exists. And, you are not defined until you stop.

3. Find Growth

The metaphor of a compost heap is extremely cogent as you encounter difficulty. The remnants on the heap are reminders of the good and plentiful times. Just as memories seem the discarded vestiges of our enjoyment in past moments. Yet, they are more. They are encouragement that things can be better. Memories are proof that moments, though fleeting, can be joyful and bright. Your task, even in the difficult moments, is to prepare yourself to enjoy that next joy more fully. To realize that growth is the ability to balance ups and downs as they are, inseparable contributions to the compost heap. They pass, but their value is found in the perspective they provide on this current moment.

4. See Better Days

And simply recite it. I don’t care what you think of when you do. Chant it. “Better days are coming!” Sure, live this moment. But, never become stuck. Better days are coming. This project will be completed. This challenge will pass. This joy will be memory. This celebration will be cleaned up. And through it all, you can grow to realize your intentionality, your influence, and the powerful contribution you impact the world with. More than any one moment, you can recognize the sum of your existence moment by moment.

5. Never Underestimate

Another of the difficulties of life is to release control. It is a common human need manifesting in different ways for different people. But, it often fails when the control is applied to other people. You can’t control them or what they do. If you are in business, you can’t have every client, customer, or patient. Life just doesn’t work that way. –in the direction of them submitting to you. It works the other way. –in the direction of you consistently demonstrating You. The reality is that you draw, influence, and attract. You don’t make, force, or convince.

In the metaphor of the compost heap, continue your intentional and sustainable composting. Share the fertilizer and soil that results as it is requested. Grow your garden to provide for home. Find peace. And in your life, find healing in faith and the expectation of new seasons. Share your story of growth and wisdom as you find opportunity. Practice mindfulness as a personal lifestyle for health and well-being. And, find peace.