Morning Meditation:  Purpose

Morning Meditation: Purpose

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Each morning offers a new perspective on your life.  That means we don’t always wake up feeling the same way each morning about our situation in life.  Some mornings I find that I need encouragement or take a moment to refocus myself on what is important.  Meditation offers a platform for organizing my thoughts.  The element of my meditation this morning focused on my purpose.  Our purpose in life sometimes rises to the surface of our thoughts.  In those moments, focused attention in meditation brings a refreshed awakening, granting peace and calming the waves of life.


Understanding Purpose

You question your purpose in life.  The feeling of discouragement rises on the inside of your being.   You have spent way too much time on what others think about what you do.  Your products aren’t selling and you seem to be isolated in a world full of people. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the pit of self-pity. You have the power to excel. You have gifts and talents that are for a purpose. It’s not about people not seeing your talent or gifts, it’s about the fulfillment of the plan. Each of our lives have purpose.  The process of discovery, creating, building are important to fulfilling your purpose.  It is time well spent.


Space To Create

Learn, build, and break from self- promoting activities.  Stop putting your success in the hands of others. At this very moment, you are in the building phase. Refrain from focusing on what is happening around you or the years that have gone by.  Don’t worry, you are not behind.  Whenever the plan is fulfilled, it will be the right time. Take advantage of the space you have to create and build. Daily acknowledgment of your worth is beneficial.  This acknowledgement will help you focus on your goals.   Resist being preoccupied with outside views that say you need someone to get where you need to go. You are enough. Genuine supporters will move you forward.  Again, focus on your goals. The lack of interest shown from others should not hinder your process.


I challenge you to work on your purpose. In this time you call loneliness, grow and expand your territory.  Activate your confidence with the power that is in you, likewise allow it to sustain you while you work on producing. The time you spend producing will not be in vain.  Time reveals the fruits of your labor.  The naked eye can only see what is before it, comparatively your purpose is bigger than that.  Find joy in the present moment you are in.  In that moment you are contributing to your purpose.

Be Blessed!