Hormone Imbalance:  Health Facts and Tips #18

Hormone Imbalance: Health Facts and Tips #18

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Correcting Hormone Imbalances with food is a natural and healthy approach to add to your lifestyle.

Hormone Imbalance is common in both women and men.  After about 35 years of age women and men start experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance.  A stressful lifestyle and poor diet are largely to blame.  Men and women experience a lot of the same symptoms.  The most common symptoms include weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, low libido, and erectile dysfunction in men.  Hormonal imbalances are also known to contribute to chronic conditions like Type II Diabetes.  Our hormones fluctuate naturally, but we can correct this natural occurrence by including a few key foods in our diet.

Healthy Fats for Hormone Imbalance  

Yes, there are fats that are considered healthy.  Healthy fats are needed for our bodies to produce the hormones it needs.  Cholesterol is named one of the fats required for hormone balance.  This might surprise you since we hear a lot about how cholesterol is bad for us.  Some of us actually adjust our diet to lower our cholesterol levels. According to one article I read, if we don’t get enough cholesterol in our diet, it triggers our liver to overproduce it.  You can imagine this makes our cholesterol levels high.  Healthy fats can be found in foods containing omega-3 and omega-6 like salmon for example.  Eating flax seeds, cold water fish, walnuts, and coconut oil will also provide a dose of healthy fats for hormone imbalance.


Quinoa Provides Balance

Quinoa is a special food.  It has the appearance of a little ball of grain.  Quinoa is special for the power it packs.  protein is one element.  It contains magnesium and phosphorus too.  Not only is quinoa important for the nutrients it provides, but it also balances our hormones.  It keeps the androgen hormone at an even level.  One article states that eating just one cup over the course of a week is enough to gain the benefit of hormone balance.



Dark Leafy Greens Clears the Way 

You probably already know the power punch dark leafy greens give to a diet.  But did you know that they help the liver metabolize estrogen.  A proper functioning liver plays an important role in filtering toxins in the body in addition it keeps our hormones balanced.   Include foods like spinach, kale and collards to your diet to receive the benefits they provide in hormone balance.


Experiencing hormonal imbalance can make you feel out of control.  I hope this information on how to gain hormone balance is helpful to you.  A thorough research along with following the health tips outlined in this blog will provide you with the information to create the healthy lifestyle you desire. You will be well on your to health inside and out.

As always, enjoy living healthy and smart!