5 Quick Poetic Ways to Present Your Support System

5 Quick Poetic Ways to Present Your Support System

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Your structure is only as good as the foundation that supports it. Pillars driven deep through soil striking rock. Platforms of solid concrete set slowly for maximum durability. Struts of tempered steel for toughness without brittleness.

Translation: You need at least 3 types of people in your support cluster: wise advisors with connections, solid friends with infrastructure, and a team you can build with.


Truth is that the truth is not always seen with the eyes. Truth is sometimes believed before it is broadcast. It is acted upon before it is actual. It is trusted before it is revealed as tangible.

Translation: Seeing is not the only way to support belief. Your goals have substance even if they don’t have weight or mass. Hope is without evidence. You don’t have to hold it in your hand before you know it is as a real opportunity for reward.


What if every morning offered reflection on progress past and vision for the productivity to come?
That’s the perspective a mirror offers. Look, listen, live.

Translation: A check in the mirror each morning is enough to remind you of your progress. Reminders of progress are motivations to move forward with certainty. You have done it before. You can do it again.


You are where you are because of who you are and choices you have made. It is not blame or lamentation. It is responsibility and power.

Translation: Reclaim your power by taking responsibility for the place you find yourself. Look reflectively, introspectively, and critically at your surroundings and your record. Interpret the lessons, but recognize your power to choose.

Focusing on Motivators

Supporting your hopes, perspective, and permission are people but also vision. Not the dreams and hopes again renewed, but the control of your field of view. Observe motivators like your favorite station. Anything less, change the channel.

Translation: You make the decision whether to entertain anything other than what informs and inspires you. Make the choice to focus on encouraging, informative, exemplary models of the progress you desire.