5 Musings About Competence for Consumption by the Entrepreneur

5 Musings About Competence for Consumption by the Entrepreneur

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Continuous Learning

Expanding knowledge exponentially like sharing a smile or encouragement that continues shared from two to four to eight and so on. Creating mental equations that clarify the possibilities and map what was previously uncharted. The result is a community of competence counting passion and kindness.

Translation: The ultimate benefit of knowledge sharing is the potential and capacity for kindness as we learn about our world and our interrelatedness within it.

Practical Wisdom

A great deal of learning is found in books. But, do not discount the value of practice and its results. The root answers of deduction grow from seeds of questions inductively asked. Noting how seeming mistakes push innovation to the fore, like closing the eyes to reveal what you’ve searched for.

Translation: The inductive feeds the deductive like an informational yin and yang—a balance that we can learn from—to calm our hustle and bustle for moments at a time and remember what is important.

Empirical Knowledge

Controlled in a lab that may only exist in your mind. The methodology explained and protocols implemented. The data collected, analyzed, and interpreted. The foundation is set like a stage to determine if this experiment in practice will indeed make perfect.

Translation: Even information originating in the lab must meet the realities of practice. As well, your knowledge is tested and refined in the real world of business operations.

Knowledge Base

Utilize knowledge like a solid foundation for your dreams and visions. A springboard for your ideas and aspirations. Information coupled with experience, and a steady progress toward understanding.

Translation: The progression from information to knowledge to understand parallels the progression of your development from idea to prototype to outcome that you learn from.

Evidence Base

The deductive side of the cycle when the general is made specific. In a multitude of options, you search through for that one. The informed decision that will put your venture on track. The proven method that lifts your project like wings and enables new destinations.

Translation: The proof is in the works. When it works, there is no question and a renewed vigor for a vision of success beyond imagination.