6 Insights on Insight Poetics and Translations

6 Insights on Insight Poetics and Translations

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Seeing the Invisible
Insight into the silent rhythms and unseen energies of the universe, you begin to recognize a pattern. Like the cycle of seasons or sunrise and sunset, you perceive the results as outline of an invisible force. Tune in, expand your awareness, and reach out for all you need lies within your grasp.

Translation: You must move to attempt if you ever hope to achieve.

Creating from Scratch
Gathering ingredients based on a recipe overheard, researched, or passed down. The right utensils and tools, temperatures and timing. And yet, still space for individual flair and a unique take. This is entrepreneurship, a departure from boxed preparations toward the freedom to create.

Translation: An idea made into a plan frees you from traditional definitions of success.

Connecting the Dots
Your gift, an opportunity, your focus, and time. Each one of these is what you make it. Whether fear and conformity construct them as shackles, or faith with insight connects them in a sequence of possibility, the choice is yours. See links not chains.

Translation: Be invigorated and emboldened with change and opportunity, not stifled and frozen.

Discerning Relationships
They must make you better through pull or push, or you better not answer the call. Like “with” follows up “somewhere.” Like coming expects there’ll be going. The balance may resolve to stillness, but your rise must never fall.

Translation: Friends should at least not hinder your progress.

Picking Your Spot
Just as planting surveys cultivated soil for depth and sun, so your quest for opportunity benefits from preparation. Your seeds once covered need time to germinate such that patience is a recurrent theme.

Translation: Preparation is patience. Patience is required always.

Taking Your Shot
The action begins with insight and sight offers the greatest chance of success. Hand and eye coordinated together, and mental impulses governed by memories within muscles that hold the globe in your hand. And, launching beyond your vision, it holds your dreams as it spins.

Translation: You don’t control the outcome, but the part you play is critical.