Life Map: Lesson 012

Life Map: Lesson 012

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Productivity Spurred by Recreation, Nutrition, and Physical Health

The fallacy is that you must be so utterly committed to work, that you must work the hardest, that you must forego having a life to achieve your goals. Goal achievement can occur in the context of moderation. It is true that you will give more than the average. It is true that you will sacrifice somethings. But, the sacrifice of recreation, nutrition, and physical health makes you unable to enjoy any success that you achieve. Following are some tips that set the stage for your daily production habit.


Just as the name implies, you need time to re-create. Recreation describes a new beginning. You can reflect upon the activities you have completed and the steps you have taken toward your goals. Take the time to determine whether you continue to be aligned in vision, action, and goals. You have the autonomy to change. You have the permission to seek your best. You have the duty to focus on what really matters.


Let us only focus on water, sunlight, and fresh air. Dehydration can result in reduced mental acuity. Along with other productivity disruptors like headache and fatigue, reduced mental acuity results in mistakes, diminished creativity, lessening of cognitive connections, and a noticeable decrease in output. Drink water. For coffee drinkers, I challenge you to drink twice as much water as coffee. The advanced challenge is to replace half of your coffee intake per day with water.

Sunlight and fresh air are partners with water to support several important metabolic functions. Sunlight has been shown to support healthy weight levels. Getting outdoors in the open air can expose you to more oxygen than you experience inside. Gas stoves, lack of plants, poor ventilation, and other factors may play a part in the difference. Of course, the increased oxygen is good for your body, and therefore, good for your productivity.

Physical Health

I am not going to argue with you, neither am I going to accept any excuses. Remove the complexity from your physical health routine. It is a useful exercise for modeling your approach to consistent productivity. Release yourself from the need for equipment, a gym, DVDs, and systems. Realize that you only need your body to exercise. My favorite do-it-yourself exercise is the burpee. Barring that, you can do arm dips in the front seat of a chair and squats while holding the back of the chair. You can sit and kick your legs out. You can stand from a seated position repeatedly. You can push against a wall. Most importantly, schedule some selection of these physical activities at least once within your daily routine. I would suggest twice—once in the morning and again in the evening a couple of hours before bed. You will find that you awake more vibrant and sleep more soundly. Your productivity will benefit.

Living & Enjoying Life

Take an inspired break and reflect. Stop an eat or take a walk outside. Include these activities as staples within your daily routine. Look at them as productivity enhancers rather than distractions. Find a systematic approach to life that advances your health and well-being on all fronts, production, happiness, and fitness.