Health Facts and Tips #15

Health Facts and Tips #15

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Basil is a super food that you can easily grow, harvest, and include in your healthy dishes and smoothies.

Who knew that basil was packed with so much power? I grew my own basil plant this summer. The result was amazing, seeds, water and sunlight produced a healthy thriving basil plant. I show case the plant on my kitchen window, it goes with my décor. After doing some research on basil, I found I have not given basil the respect it deserves. This herb that I have been sprinkling here and there in different food dishes offers some awesome benefits in health. It deserves more than a window seat.

I’m always a fan of green foods, they come with such promise towards good health. An internet search on basil yields wonderful praise reports of its health promoting and disease prevention abilities. Read through the list of some of its powerful elements it:

  • Fights cancer
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Boosts immune system
  • Has antioxidants
  • Fights free radical damage

You may be wondering what is behind this super food Basil that makes it so wonderful. Basil is high in nutritional elements like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and it has anti-bacterial properties. These elements you might have heard of in other super foods.

If you are like me you are already thinking, “How do I incorporate more basil in my diet?” Don’t worry I have some ideas for you. Most of us probably already use dry basil with spaghetti or our Italian meals. That kind of goes without saying. But, did you know you could put fresh basil leaves in a salad, make a butter spread flavored with basil, or create a sweet basil jelly? The possibilities are endless of how to get more basil in your diet.

I guess the next question would be how much basil would be needed to be consumed to get the best benefit from it. Most likely this varies according to the form used. Basil can be used as a supplement, dried herb, an essential oil, and fresh from the plant. If taking basil in a supplement form always read the label for dosage information and do your research on the purity of it.

As always, enjoy living healthy and smart!

Taunya S. Wright

Taunya is health coach, nurse, author, and a 5-year homeschool mom. Ask about her health coaching services by connecting on Facebook. She is currently working on two books, the 4th in the Brady Boe series, and Truth–the first in the End Time Saga Trilogy. #ReadTSW at