Your Health Story: Full Rewrite

Your Health Story: Full Rewrite

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I want to introduce you to an option to change your health story. My passion to live the healthiest life possible has inspired me to create Rewrite Health. I believe we can rewrite our health story. Rewrite Health is the path to gain the best health possible from any point you may find yourself in the health spectrum. Those with chronic health conditions along with those who are health conscious individuals may find the information useful. Changing your health story begins with making the decision that your health needs an upgrade. Once you make the decision to rewrite your health story, implementing behaviors that bring about the change may be challenging. I have a few points for you to consider that might help with the process.

Utilizing your Control
You are in control. It sounds simple, but there is more to it. Control is often challenged when we are faced with stress. In those times, we must always remember our goals and how they benefit our health. A loss of control could potentially mean complications to your health, or a setback. As the one in control of your own health, you have a say in what influences it. Be alert to stress reactions like eating when you’re not hungry, alcohol intoxication or isolating yourself from others. Giving in to options like these are not the only solutions available. Harness your control and lead the way with positive initiatives like talking to someone you trust or use exercise to release the stress.

Creating Goals
Goal setting is part of rewriting your health. Creating health goals that fit with your new lifestyle can beneficial long-term. You may be tempted to aim high and go to extremes at the beginning of your journey, but always assess your current state of health and build towards your goals. If you never exercised before, but say your goal is to exercise vigorously for two hours each day, that is not reasonable. Give yourself time to build up to 2 hours by doing 15 minutes a day to start then work your way to 30 minutes, then an hour. When rewriting your health, it’s not about burning yourself out. It is about doing what you feel you can accomplish and incorporating it into your lifestyle.

Building Knowledge
Health is a serious matter and at times it can be complicated. Helping you make informed decisions about your health is what Rewrite Health is all about. Building knowledge about your personal health condition is going benefit your health journey. I recommend keeping a journal. Write down things you have tried and how well they worked. Though two people may suffer with the same disease doesn’t mean they are going to experience it the same way physically or mentally. Rewrite Health will provide knowledge in a few different ways for its audience. A training format with case scenarios is one of them along with reading material and coaching. For your personal development, think about how you would like to build knowledge about your health.

Your health is important. I believe you can change your health story to have the best health possible. Everyone’s health story is not the same, but with time and your commitment Rewrite Health can help you rewrite your story. By creating goals, utilizing your control, and building knowledge you will be well on your way to making a new story and a new lifestyle.