Life Map: Lesson 003

Life Map: Lesson 003

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Purpose Defined

Passion, gift, and purpose are often used interchangeably though it is more sustainable to consider them as different components of the direction required for a life well lived.

Passion is the desire born out of intrinsic motivation. It is the reason you get out of bed in the morning and stay up past a reasonable bedtime. Passion connects inextricably to your interests—the activities during which you find pleasure.

Giftedness. Your gift is a talent you have that is not earned. It is something that you do without practice and with little effort. You are just naturally, inexplicably good at your gift. While other tasks require advanced training, focus, and rehearsal, your gift makes room for you and appears effortless in its execution.

Purpose is the expression of these in the context of collective action. That is, purpose can only be understood within the context of others and a world of social action. You may be interested in something. You may be good at other things. Purpose is the intersection of these in a social context. Purpose is the reason it is important to find your tribe. Without that supportive social context, you may never identify your purpose. You will know it innately, but you will not find its expression.

Purpose in the Proper Order

Most people spend their early lives searching for the purpose. The more sustainable quest is to search for your tribe. This quest also requires self-efficacy and authenticity. Too many find themselves in a tribe that feels somewhat comfortable, but has none of the traits of a true tribe. Rather than sharpening your gifts and adding to your talent, they drain you of your resources until you are emotionally depleted. Once your emotional connection is severed, your transformation to cog is complete. You are wholly expendable and replaceable. Some counsel you to make yourself indispensable to your employers. This is a farce. If you are employed, by definition, you are not indispensable.

Once you find your tribe, the rest becomes exponentially easier. Yet, the distinctions are important and useful to our Life Map process even if you have not identified your tribe. It all hinges on the question of sustainability. You can leverage your passion and giftedness to identify your goals. You can utilize those goals as reference points to determine if your choices are sustainable toward those goals or unsustainable. Sustainable choices, in the context of self-efficacy and authenticity, will ultimately lead you to your tribe. The sooner you identify your passion and giftedness, the sooner you connect with your tribe.