Life Map: Lesson 002

Life Map: Lesson 002

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Answers as Strategic as Your Questions

Comparison of AnswersYour answers are just as strategic as your questions. Take the time to wrestle with the answers you have been given to determine if they are answers that make sense for you. Take the time to develop, test, and retest your answers—answers you can own without any blame shared with others. If you are going to awaken to your best self every day, you must get the best out of faith, choice, freedom, and living. Your best begins with the definitions of self that stem from the answers you rehearse internally.

Faith in Vision or What You See? Living by sight alone is not faith at all. If your purpose is to express faith, you will move utilizing the substance of things you hope for based on evidence that you have not yet seen. It is not folly however. Vision is the precursor to a master plan. It is a marshalling of your action, will, and purpose. With each step, you are not moving blindly. You are moving confidently according to a future you have envisioned.

Choice by What You Want or by What is Expected? The pressure and confusion of life’s choices is a war of moderation. Anything without moderation is dangerous. So, it is with independence, which in excess leads to isolation. So, it is with interrelatedness, which in excess leads to enmeshment. It seems that the solution is to strike a balance between what you want and the pressures from without. But, this is an incomplete solution. Rather than focusing on the stressors (you versus the world), look to utilize the resources (your will and information). Explore your will to find stores of motivation, perseverance, and endurance. Utilize information from multiple and competing sources to inform your choices and help you interpret results.

Freedom to Become or What You are Supposed to? Many see themselves doing—participating in the rat race not realizing that this is not their desire at all. There is a distinct difference between doing as a part of the race versus doing as an outpouring of generosity or participation in recreation. Most people would rather do what they want when they want to. That timing would depend more on relationships and interactive value than on deadlines and pressures to earn a living. The freedom you seek is amid the work, even demanding work. That freedom is not at all about what you are doing though. That freedom is in who you are, your development over time, the person that finds expression each day. The scaffolding of a plan coupled with your motivation and energy moves away from supposed and predestined outcomes as you meditate on your becoming. The goal is to become whole.

Living for Legacy or a Tombstone? Life that ends only with a eulogy and a tombstone is life wasted, a whimper. Life that graduates to legacy is an example for future ages and a human’s best chance for immortality. Yet, it is not a quest for vanity or even fame. Not measured by notoriety or wealth. It is a life of wholeness that offers encouragement to others who seek to become whole. It operates within its realm of influence and inspires where its story lands. The activities of legacy are manifest through recording. Whether live demonstration, audio, video, or writing, legacy is communicated as one watches another perfect his/her example. Failures and triumphs alike, to see a fall and a rise again, to see an accolade and a modest acceptance just the same.

If you have not yet, begin to keep a journal from this moment forward. Keep it with you everywhere you go. Write your every thought as a reflective map of your journey. One that another may be inspired by.